By | May 4, 2022
  • Google’s latest results show billions of dollars derived from people’s data; other big tech similar.
  • With the cost of living at an all-time high, anyone can now make up to $450 per year by taking back control with a clever new app from LetAlone
  • Issue is highlighted to New Yorkers by installing a data vending machine on the street
    that sells personal data as ‘snacks’ (video here)
  • LetAlone is launching the #YourDataYouDecide campaign and app to encourage people to join its Beta Program
  • Consumers can see how tech giants profile them based on their data and create “Zero Party Data” – high value, user-authenticated, user-owned data

TORONTO, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Tech giants are profiting from individuals’ personal data in the US and Canadaaccording to a new company that aims to give back control to consumers.

LetAlone – a team of software engineers and data experts that includes former Google employees – has launched the #YourDataYouDecide campaign, to encourage people to take back their data and get bucks in their back pockets – rather than in the banks of big tech companies.

At a time when cost of living is at an all-time high, access to sensitive personal data – such as health information, likes, dislikes and search terms – is being sold by tech companies to advertising agencies and services. Google alone made $54.6 billion over the last quarter from advertising services that provide access to personal data. that’s nearly $600m every day

There are few regulations in place to protect consumers from this activity.

LetAlone’s solution is a free-of-charge app that allows consumers to own, view, edit and take back control of their online data so they choose how the data is used, and in turn get paid for the value it generates. All, crucially, without the user’s data being sold or passed on. Something no existing solutions provide.

This will allow individuals to gain on average $450 per year, whilst also stimulating the competition in digital markets to ensure challenger businesses can compete viably with tech giants.

data vending machine

To dramatize the issue, LetAlone installed a spoof vending machine on the streets of New York City that sold personal data as ‘snacks’, allowing anyone to access the kind of sensitive information being shared by tech companies every day. This campaign was made in partnership with creative innovation shop Technology Humans and Taste [THAT]. Watch the movie here

the #YourDataYouDecide campaign debuts this week to encourage consumers to join its free Beta Program that allows users to control and earn money from their own data. Early supporters who sign up and refer family and friends to the beta can get up to 3x the money compared to those that sign up when the app launches. The first version of the app is currently slated for a May 12th release.

Justin TrevanCo-Founder of LetAlone says: “LetAlone is challenging the tech industry and giving people the chance to take back control of their own data so they can benefit from it financially rather than large tech companies and external platforms.

“Savvier consumers are aware that their data is being used to profit larger tech companies, but some people may not know of the data-led profiling which is attached to them due to their search history and general activity on the internet. Our LetAlone app will allow individuals to take back control and add a few dollars to their back pocket each month. And critically, it makes our users the actual owners of their data, and removes the need for them to sell their data or have others sell it for them profits as we’ve seen elsewhere in the industry, because once you’ve sold it you’ve lost control of it and its profits again…

It’s time to take back your right to your data. Sign up to the Beta Program to help make sure your data is only used responsively and with your informed consent.”

To find all information, please visit the LetAlone website: view its campaign video here

SOURCE LetAlone Inc.

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