Ten Reasons Why Cocker Spaniels Lick

Why does Cocker lick spaniels and is it harmful?

Licking is a natural behavior that returns to the wolf. When the wolf mother hunts for her food and returns, her cubs will lick her mouth and face. This is a normal behavior during lactation. Soon the cubs gather and learn to hunt for their own food. Interestingly, the wolf mother licked her cubs and stimulated them to give relief to the cubs. It is not surprising to learn that licking is a natural instinct inherited from all dogs. Different types of licking behaviors and dogs have many reasons for licking for daily routines and survival.

Cocker Spaniel licking can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of them may be complicated but most of them are easy to understand and easy to correct. Let’s first look at the possible reasons.

Causes of licking in dogs

1) Humble social behavior – Respect for a master dog
2) Puppies lick their mother’s face while breastfeeding
3) A sign of affection – dog kisses
4) Dog self-cleaning – a natural instinct learned when a puppy
5) Dog Handling Strategy – Licking for Attention
6) Self and litter decoration
7) Stress
8) Dog health problems
9) Wound cleaning
10) Injuries – Pain

When to be concerned

If your Cocker Spaniel is a forced licker, it may be time to look into the reasons for it. For example: Is your dog alone for a long time? Are you stressed out about separation anxiety? Is your dog injured? Are there skin lesions? Is your dog sick? Insane licking and other problems can cause the area to scratch or bite. Forced – Insane licking behaviors can often be linked to a dog feeling anxious.

The first place to start is to check the source. Maybe something is stuck on their skin or coat, look between the legs for a cut. Look for rashes under the coat. Look for possible parasites. Look for something unusual that can cause the dog to lick. If it is a skin disease it will probably be an easy solution.

On the other hand, if your dog is forcibly licking everything, it is more of a sight than a big concern. Licking you to surrender can be petty at first. But it will soon get tired. Manipulating yourself to get your attention and get what it takes can be learned behavior. Behavior must be broken.

Do not reward the dog for the behavior. By this I mean never give your dog a treat to stop licking. If you give, the dog has simply learned a new trick. When the dog starts licking, divert his attention to another activity. But first you have to break the licking with a strong verbal NO command. Never hit your cocker spaniel, scream, be firm and gentle.

Is licking harmful?

Dogs have been licking people for hundreds of years and I have never heard of anyone dying from an innocent dog kiss. All dogs like the taste of salt, which is one of the main reasons they lick humans. That being said, it is important to point out that a dog should never be allowed to lick your open wounds. This can increase the risk of infection by introducing pathogenic bacteria into the wound. Despite what you have heard, a dog should avoid transmitting an illness or infection by licking an open wound.

As long as your Cocker Spaniel is healthy and shows no signs of disease, it is safe to bet that playful licking is not harmful unless you have a tick. At worst it can be very annoying; At best it could be a show of affection.

If you feel that your puppy has a licking problem beyond your control, always discuss it with your local veterinarian or professional trainer. Forced – Insane licking behavior is often linked to a dog becoming anxious for some reason. Your veterinarian or professional dog trainer can help you find the source and provide remedies. You do not want your puppy to suffer unnecessarily and stress you out all at once.

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