Tennessee Tech

By | March 19, 2022

Top of 10th Innings

N. Tate to p for Bollenbacher.

JOHNSON, Ed doubled down the rf line.

LACY, Gabe struck out swinging. (1 out)

HINCHMAN, Jason walked. GILLESPIE, Golston singled to center field, RBI; HINCHMAN, Jason advanced to second; JOHNSON, Ed scored.

GUARDINO, Ryan struck out swinging. (2 out) GILLILAND, Hayden singled to center field, RBI; GILLESPIE, Golston advanced to second; HINCHMAN, Jason scored.

LONG, Will walked; GILLILAND, Hayden advanced to second; GILLESPIE, Golston advanced to third.

BONDURANT, Zach grounded out to 2b. (3 out) Inning Summary:
2 Runs , 3 Hits , 0 Errors , 3 LOBs

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