The message of the universe: When setbacks are temporary

“Because you are in a position to help so many people, please remind them that when needed, setbacks can only be devastating when someone thinks they will last forever.

They never do.

thank you,
The universe “

There is an end to everything, including good and bad. When you travel to a tropical destination for a vacation, it will also be over, although it can be very difficult to return to the freezing temperatures. The same is true in difficult times. The storm can only last a short time, but in the end, when you are strong and can stand on your own two feet after that storm, you can be proud of your achievements.

Many allow life to control who they are, and when the journey is difficult, they break down and enter a path of self-loathing that ends in self-destruction (alcohol, drugs, crime, etc.). It doesn’t have to be this way. We all go through difficult times in life and even the most successful people can suffer from that difficulty. No one is free from the uncertainties of life. We all have to go down the same path at some point in our lives. There is no escape from it, like taxes or death. Since we all know that sooner or later in our lives we will have to go through this shit, there is really no surprise. So come on, what are you waiting for? There are many opportunities waiting for you. stand up! Move on! do.

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