The top 5 technology companies have earned more than $ 72 billion in the last 3 months

We all wonder how much revenue companies like Facebook or Google make. After all, they provide most of their services for free. Or just how much money a company like Apple makes, selling premium and expensive gadgets. Lots if you look at the recent quarterly results of top tech companies. The five biggest of them – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon – announced their quarterly results this week and we can see that in total, they have earned more than $ 72 billion (about Rs 5 lakh crore) in just in three months.

So how much is $ 72 billion? Here’s something to help you imagine it: it’s enough money to buy everything on Earth and a cake. Or in other words, if a new age Marie-Antoinette says “Feed them cake,” the top 5 tech companies can make it happen right away.

Okay, moving on to the cake, let’s take a quick look at what the top 5 technology companies have stated about their revenue and earnings over the past three months.

Apple’s revenue and profits

Let’s start with the technology behemoth named after a fruit. Apple has always been the most valued company in the world. It recently posted its quarterly earnings for the past quarter of 2021. The earnings call recorded huge revenue of $ 83.4 billion for the company. From this, it was able to reap a net profit of $ 20.6 billion.

Note that this number is marred by the world’s ongoing chip shortage. During the earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that if not for the restricted supply of chipsets, this number would be greater than another $ 6 billion.

Microsoft’s revenue and profits

The ancient technology major that taught the world how to use computers enjoyed leading positions among the largest companies in the world. In its recent revenue call, Microsoft recorded $ 45.32 billion in revenue from July to September this year. Of this, its net revenue is $ 20.5 billion, meaning pure profit for the company.

Alphabetical income and profit

Ask Google the most universal answer to any question today. Naturally, the company enjoys the highest revenue figures due to this irreplaceable service. Major technology recorded revenue of $ 65.1 billion in the quarter ended last month. Its net revenue is worth $ 18.94 billion.

We and we on Amazon

Brainchild of Jeff Bezos, who has long enjoyed the title of richest man on Earth, Amazon had no ideal quarter this year. However, the size of its operations is enough to put it on this list. The company generated revenue of $ 110.8 billion from July to September this year. Of this, its net revenue is limited to $ 3.2 billion.

Revenue and profit on Facebook

To call it Facebook or Meta, you choose. The fact remains that the company earns a lot of revenue through its many businesses that power communication around the world. The company recorded revenue of $ 29.01 billion in the last quarter. Of this, it has a net revenue of $ 9.19 billion.

Money, money and more money

A collective look at these revenues shows us that the net revenue earned by the top five technology companies in the world amounted to $ 72.43 billion or almost Rs 5,42,038 crore. Keep in mind that this is the net profit of the companies in the last three months.

To give you context on the magnitude of this number, this cumulative amount is more than the GDP of at least 100 plus countries in the world, according to World Bank data.

If we divide it by each, each of the 775 crore people living on Earth (like the World Bank) will receive Rs 700 each. That means if these companies decide to distribute their last three months of earnings to all of us, we can buy a delicious cake for ourselves. Now that’s a way to celebrate the growth of technology, isn’t it?

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