Things to consider when looking for an apartment to rent

Finding a new apartment can be fun or stressful, and people need to make a list to make sure it turns out to be a pleasant experience.

This list may vary from one person to another and here are some things to consider when looking for their next apartment:

  • Location: Perhaps the most important thing to look for is a good location that is close to work, public transportation, convenience stores as well as family and friends. Once they see a nice apartment, they can search it on Google Maps to determine how long it will take to travel to their favorite places.

  • Storage: When visiting the apartment, they should check the toilets to see how much space there is. The reason for this is that they will definitely bring a lot to the new apartment so the toilets should be able to accommodate them all. If not, they can ask if there is another store in the building so they can see it.

  • Equipment: Washing machines and dishwashers are not considered essential, but they can certainly make life easier. There are people who use the laundry service in the building but some prefer to use a washing machine in their unit. Whatever their choice, it can be added to their list.
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: Regardless of the climate, tenants cannot live without the comforts provided by heating and / or air conditioning. They can check if the A / C is centralized, if there is one in each room, or if there are none, and ask if they are allowed to install window units when needed. If there are tenants around when traveling, you can ask questions about temperature control and general heating bills to know what to expect when winter arrives.

  • Pet Policy: If they have a pet, they should first check the landlord’s policy. If pets are not allowed, they should look elsewhere. On the other hand, if the building welcomes pets, but they have allergies and the dog barking nearby can not tolerate them; This place may not be a suitable home for them.

  • Parking: Convenient parking is very important for tenants when they have a car. Although it is a beautiful place, they do not like to go round and round after a tiring day at work. If they go to the apartment on the weekends, they can see if parking is easy on a busy day or ask other tenants if they have a hard time.

  • Security: When the main door of the apartment opens to a sidewalk with no public entrance or fence, this may not be safe. If the tenant lives alone, it is best to look for a building that has a lobby or a doorkeeper. A small building with high ceilings is sometimes safer than those in garden units or on the ground floor.

  • Noise: The noise that tenants can withstand depends on the location of the unit and the thickness of its walls. Whether the place is on a busy street, above a bar or near a railroad, tenants know what to expect. They should also consider the number of surfaces they share with neighbors, such as the ceiling, floor and walls. It should be at least upstairs so that the neighbors upstairs do not make a heel noise.
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