Top 5 Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugins

Why Use Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugins?

People don’t hate bad ads, they hate bad ads. The fact is, people prefer free content to hate advertising. The idea of ​​free access to information will be lost if ad blockers are not hit.

There are now 615 million devices worldwide using ad blockers. Adblock usage grew by 30% globally in 2016.

So what can you do when most of your blog readers and visitors actually use any type of adblocker? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top anti-Adblock WordPress plugins that can help you prevent Adblock from harming your online advertising business.

1) Easy adblock instruction

With this anti-adblock plugin, you can set your own text for notification message and adblock notification title. You can select the pages where the message should appear and you can also show a sticky note to annoy the visitor and whitelist him / her to your website.

You can select ‘Strict Mode’ to hide your website until the user disables Adblocker and your website is whitelisted. This option makes your WordPress website completely unavailable until adblockers are found. You can also disable ‘Simple Adblock Notice’ for specific pages if there are no ads on those pages.

Simple adblock notices come with a fairly basic free version. In the free version, you can only set how often the notification will appear. To enable some other features, you need to upgrade to the Pro version, which is $ 5.

2) Notify ad blocker

This anti-adblock plugin helps you politely persuade your audience to turn off ad blocker as they pass through your site. This plugin detects whether the user uses any form of adblocker. If they are using, you can display a targeted message to them.

You can customize the message. You can adjust popups by selecting multiple templates, colors, animations, catchy lines, effects, etc. You can write custom CSS to make messages more reliable. You can also send popups at specific times during your visit. You can decide when is the right time to show your message.

You can also track the performance of Adblocker Notifications through the plugin’s statistics regarding the impact Adblockers are having on your site.

3) Adzsafe

This anti-adblock plugin enables you to gain full control over your ads and get the rewards you deserve. It supports loading your ads and viewing them securely in the browser of the user with Ad Blocker installed.

Adzsafe does not require you to change your ad network. You can use its services with your native advertiser. Even if you do not have enough visitors to your website, you can use its services. There is no minimum traffic requirement. In addition to these benefits, it does not want you to share advertising revenue like other ad blocking solutions.

It comes with a free trial for 15 days. All you need to do is sign up with simple steps. It helps you prevent ad blockers from interfering with your ads and damaging your online advertising revenue.

4) Block adblock

This plugin helps you recover lost revenue from your website. It’s easy to use and set up.

You can customize your message. You can choose the way to show it. It allows three ways to show it: sticky bar, full screen and popup. In the full-screen version, you will not allow the user to view the content of your website unless they disable adblocker.

Block adblock comes in two modes, block mode and nag mode. In block mode, it excludes adblockers completely unless they whitelist your website.

In Nag mode, it only annoys adblocking users once, asking them to whitelist your website. If they don’t turn off the ad blocker, they can come anyway. The block screen will not reappear during that session. If a user visits using a different browser tab or using a different browser, it may appear during subsequent sessions.

5) Ad Blocking Detector

This anti-adblock plugin gives you shortcodes that you can use to communicate with your users using adblockers. Once your visitors have enabled Adblocker, you can display optional content to them.

You can show them a custom message. Your visitors will only be able to view your website content if they disable adblocker on their devices.

The ad blocking detector will determine what to display to the user. It can detect all major ad blocking extensions on all major web browsers. Depending on the adblock search results, it can easily modify the look of your site by implementing JS code or CSS code.

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