Top 5 Beauty Blender Alternative Sponges

No. 1 Real Technique © Miracle Complex Sponge

It looks like someone took a slice from the side of this latex-free sponge and that’s definitely what makes it a multi-use tool. 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Makeup Sponge For anyone who spends extra time polishing your complexion, this is one of the best all-in-one tools to help you do just that. A worthy competitor to the Beauty Blender throne at half price.

USD $ 10 – Sephora

No. 2 Very nice for school © Marshmallow Puff

This curvy over-achiever that helps you blend. It also has a small divot that can help with a more specific application. From the Korean makeup house, a very nice, marshmallow puff for school offers users a soft application by holding the round bottom, while holding the ridge of the sponge will make the application more intense. The point side between the eyes and between the eyebrows is nice, while the flattened domed end is nice everywhere else. While people have complained about the density and hardness of the sponge, it certainly has its own value.

USD $ 10.50 – Amazon

Made for No. 3 makeup © Better Beauty Blender ~ Flawless Finish

This wonderful almond shaped sponge helps give you a flawless finish while providing the right balance for you to rub properly. Created by Seattle Inspired Makeup House; Made for Makeup, which supports women’s empowerment through affordable makeup accessories and donations; The sponge that provides the flawless finish is thanks to the semi-firm sponge texture that creates a stipling effect while leaving a wonderful airbrush look when you apply makeup. Indeed, you would swear that you came directly from a professional makeup artist and paid only a fraction for it. A great alternative to Beauty Blender. For public sale in early September, 2016.

USD $ 5 –

No. 4 MAC All Blending Sponge

Latex-free coral sponge for applying creams and liquids with flawless control. It is easy to hold while giving you a flawless natural finish on your face. The All Blending Sponge was one of the first beauty sponges to hit the market and had its own fan base. Softness and the composition of the sponge have its concerns, but its effectiveness and the capabilities of the sponge are unquestionable. A good alternative to a beauty blender at half the cost.

USD $ 10 – MAC

No.5 Sephora 3D Precison Sponge

Get a uniform makeup with this sponge that can create different layers without the need to mix. This round shaped sponge tip extends over a large area and has a small pointy tip that helps to apply concealer, cream blush and liquid and solid foundation. It is latex free, the texture is antibacterial, but note that it is not a beauty blender. The hardness and pores of the sponge have certain concerns, but at its price it can be considered a suitable alternative to a beauty blender.

USD $ 12 – sephora

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