Top 5 Benefits of Investing

From our childhood days, we were taught to save money out of our pockets to buy the most desirable things. This mantle of the mind carries on to the age of maturity and we try to save money for what we want most. But here we make a serious mistake in life that makes a difference in terms of success or failure in terms of financial growth.

To understand investments; We must first define investment.

What is investment?

According to Investopedia, an investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or be appreciated in the future. In the economic sense, investment is the purchase of goods that are not used today but used to create wealth in the future. In finance, an investment is a financial asset that is bought with the idea that the asset will provide future income or be sold at a higher price for profit.

What are its top 5 benefits?

1) Financial independence

Financial independence means that you have enough wealth to live without working. Financially independent people have enough wealth to generate income without any physical work because their money works for them.

How to achieve financial independence?

Here are some tips to help you become financially independent:

Try to increase your income.

Plan your savings every year.

Choose profitable investment options.

Set your financial goals.

પ્રયાસ Try to stay away from loans and debts.

2) Protection against inflation

Inflation is a continuous rise in the general price level of goods and services in the economy over time. It can be considered as the aging of money over time.

In economics, inflation refers to a decrease in purchasing power per unit of money – a loss of real value in the medium of exchange and the unit of account in the economy.

The value of wealth continues to rise due to inflation. As a result, investments are not only safe but also grow over time. As such, it acts as a support against inflation

3) Achieve financial goals

When we invest, we set aside our money for long term goals like retirement, international vacation trip, luxury home with car or child education.

Investments assure us of achieving all our long-term and short-term goals in a timely manner.

4) Increase in wealth

Investing is not a way to get rich quick. It takes time, patience and awareness. It requires an analytical study of the opportunities available and makes well-informed choices about where to place your investment so that it offers huge returns. The results are almost guaranteed if things are done in one place.

5) Provide a source of income

Some funds are specifically designed to provide monthly income to investors while many other property funds also pay monthly dividends.

Most monthly income funds try to offer 11 monthly payments of the same amount and the 12th amount varies. The exact level of income will depend on the operation of the fund.

What are the ways to invest?

The right investment options are listed below:

Real estate.

Individual stock.

Mutual funds.

Corporate debt.

Government bonds.

Commodities (gold, silver, etc.).

· Liquid fund.

Fixed deposit.

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