Top 5 Best Mannheim Steamroller Songs of All Time and Why

Mannheim Steamroller is known for its multi-platinum selling Christmas and Holiday albums, which proved to the music industry that holiday music is not the “last breath” genre for dying artists.

However, before the 1984 release Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, The group had already made a name for itself in the audiofiles with their Fresh Air album series. This top / best list is taken from all 8 of the Fresh Air albums.

Here are my top 5 countdowns of Mannheim Steamroller songs from his Fresh Air (FA) album series:

5. Cycle # 4 (Fresh Air 7)
The best song on the album, which won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 1991. The song is both annoying and relaxing, and since Chakra # 4 is the Heart Chakra, this song stimulates the emotions that come from the heart. Favorite moment – 4:12. The whole song is good, but this is my favorite song.

4. Going elsewhere (FA II)
The song just reminds me of the excitement around me as I embark on a long-awaited journey. Returning to the theme previously introduced by Mannheim Steamroller in the Fantasia section of the album, it is a perfect blend of Mannheim Steamroller’s signature medieval rock-n-roll, and the album provides the right conclusion for the musical journey. Favorite moment – 2:00. Great transition to the final verse and outs.

3. Mere image (FA III)
I have a lot of favorites that come from this album, however I have an image that makes 3G the best all the time. It was originally written for the Omaha Ballet, and is a musical journey from youth to old age. Favorite moment – 0:31. The harpsichord entrance here is magnificent and reveals the zeal of youth.

2. Lumen / Escape from the atmosphere (FA V)
The entire album is based on Johann Kepler’s dream of going to the moon. Opening track, Lumen, The famous Cambridge Singers and Escape from the atmosphere Up to this point there is really nothing like any previous Mannheim steamroller song. It stimulates images of the Earth’s gravitational pull, floating without weight in space, and entering the Moon’s orbit.
Favorite moment – 5:33. This part of the breakdown is really nice, especially the cotto-like sound used by this section as a means of carrying the melody.

1. Come home to the sea (FA VI)
This is actually the best Mannheim steamroller song ever. Originally written for Fresh Air VI, it was also included Yellowstone: The Music of Nature, And Saving the Wildlife.

Given the state of electronic synthesis at the time, the sounds of dolphins (or whales) are really good at first. But that’s not what makes it such a great track. A wonderful orchestration, brilliant piano and harpsichord combination, and the overall build-up of energy and emotion throughout the song takes this song to the top. Favorite Moments – 2:34 and 2:48. I’m fond of huge build-ups, and there’s plenty in this song, but the build-ups at these two points in the song are absolutely incredible.

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