Top 5 Best Plus Size Modeling Agencies

With the growing size of the world’s population come big women who wear big size clothes. Retailers are well aware of this trend and many brands are blocking this ever-growing demographic.

More than 50% of women are over 14 years of age. This is an emerging market for both retailers and modeling agencies that offer them the talent to showcase their clothing line.

With the emergence of a new era of plus size models, the days of models eating their grilled chicken salad in hair and makeup can be reduced to zero days.

Ambitious models often conflict with specific needs set by the modeling industry. They often make the mistake of thinking that being over 8 or 10 would be the death knell of their modeling career even though there is a demand for plus size models between 10-20 sizes.

Now there is a growing trend of plus size modeling agencies claiming their share of the plus size model pie.

Here is a list of the top 5 best plus size modeling agencies:

1) MSA Models – I think I like the energy and professionalism that this agency has to offer. They are also located in the center of modeling which is none other than New York, NY.

2) Dorothy Combs Models – Located in Miami Florida, my favorite winter vacation time, you’ll find Dorothy’s agency that specializes in plus size models. They represent women aged 10-16 and are always on the lookout for new talent. She is credited with winning the 2012 Plus Model Agency of the Year award.

3) 12+ UK modeling agency – This high profile modeling agency in Europe specializes in models with curves. Their website clearly shows the support they have for those looking to enter the plus size modeling industry.

4) BGM Models – Founded in 1995 in Australia, BGM Models is looking for women aged 12 and over to represent. With models like Samantha Morris, Laura Wells and Natasha Fowler you will surely find one of their models attracting the cover and advertising of some of Australia’s best magazines and businesses.

5) JAG Models – This new agency has been very popular lately and is worth keeping an eye on. The agency, based in New York City, was founded by two former Ford Model employees who are determined to keep up the momentum.

It is refreshing to see the notorious industry for providing double size zero to 2 of that size at the end of the demand for a plus size model that better represents the average woman.

Women who aspire to be models but are afraid of rejection based on their weight now have hope.

The list of agencies representing plus size models will continue to grow over the next 1-2 years and the industry will continue to adapt and adapt to the curves representing women plus size agencies.

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