Top 5 Best Uses of Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts are a type of threaded fasteners that come with a round or domed head and have a square cone protruding from its flat side. This differs from other bolts in its shank cross section. To tie them properly, you need to use a nut or washer with it. It is available in different sizes, materials and plating to best meet the needs of different types of applications. From large projects to small home projects these can be their application everywhere and in almost every second application. Before you start working with it, let’s take a look at its best uses that make you a fan of fasteners.

  • Pergola construction: Needless to say, carriage bolts are known to be used in wood application and this is the reason why it is in high demand in pergola construction. It connects the two woods together, just drill and insert the bolt through the two pieces and secure it with a washer or nut. The tensile strength of this type of bolt is sufficient to hold the woods together.
  • Docs: Another use where carriage bolts are used is the dock area. There are a number of areas on the dock where you have to use it due to its great strength and strong grip. It provides tight snug around the join and extra support to the app.
  • Wooden frames: Believe it or not, this carriage bolt is also used in a wooden frame instead of any other regular screw or bolt. Its dome shape is pulled down into the wood and held in place, which means you don’t have to put much effort into its installation.
  • Children’s Swing Set: Another use of carriage bolts is in the manufacture of children’s swing sets. Again, here it provides extra support and a smooth surface of the top of the bolt, ensuring the safety of children playing on it. It reduces the likelihood of any itching on the arm of their body while playing on the swing set.
  • Rafters: This carriage bolt is also useful in making sheds, wooden beams or other outbuildings. Suitable for snug fit required in this fastening application. Moreover, this is ideal for use in the application of metal to wood due to its strong grip.

There are a few simple uses of this carriage bolt. From the above, it is clear that this can be very useful for various applications, therefore, you should try it immediately.

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