Top 5 Cheap Destinations to Fly in USA

Flights are expensive. I often have enough hotel and car points to get the room and rent free, but even if I go on a trip due to a solo flight I will break the bank.

The thing is that eventually I wanted to go beyond the driving distance. Who doesn’t want to see the world? Fortunately, there are some places that are regularly cheaper than others. If you are able to book early and get the right price, you can get a big break.

1. Chicago: The cost of consistently cheap flights from almost anywhere in the U.S., Chicago is such a mid-country hub that airlines fortunately make it easy for virtually anyone to get there. While it’s not the most exciting or largest city, it has a lot to offer in terms of sights, especially if you’ve never been!

2. Orlando: Luckily for all our Disney fanatics, Orlando ranks second in flight prices. This varies greatly depending on the season, but in general, your biggest price here will be Disney Park tickets.

3. Washington DC: Another cheap option all year round, Washington DC is always a solid choice to visit. There’s a lot of history, but it’s also a hopping town if you’re looking for something more current. It’s obviously a political world if you have an interest in it, but architecture is also fun to travel if you aren’t. Cherry blossoms are also gorgeous in the spring!

4. New York City: Oh, NYC. If you’ve never been, get on a plane and check it out at least once. While tickets aren’t as cheap as the others on this list, they’re not even crazy. Most flights have a stopover in NYC, which makes it a bit possible to travel. The city is wonderful (though expensive) to do almost endless things.

5. Austin, Texas: Since Austin has never been there, I can’t give a personal recommendation, but I’ve been told that it’s a fun yet very spiritual city (does it go along too?). I also know that again, many flights have a stopover here, which makes it usually cheaper; It is also not a huge destination for leisure travel, so it is likely to be less expensive than other tourism based cities.

For an extra discount, try using an app that hides your browser location so that airlines don’t check where you’re looking and increase prices (seriously, I’ve saved over $ 50 this way). Cheers for Discounted US Travel!

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