Top 5 Interesting Facts About Louis XIV

5. Louis XIV was not very tall

Louis XIV was small in size. And according to the evidence in the pictures, he often wore a high wig and high heels to increase his height. In fact, with added inches, it is said to have appeared at least 7 feet high.

4. Palace at Versailles

Dislike for Paris arose after Louis XIV was expelled from his palace during The Friend. And he will eventually turn his childhood playground, a royal hunting lodge just outside Paris, into a magnificent monument to Aishwarya. This 700-room palace housed not only the king and his court, but also the aristocracy and the thousands of staff it needed to maintain it. This formation helped to further establish the king’s supremacy as it was the center of all political activities and a symbol of power.

3. Long reign

Like his grandson, Louis XIV was very young when he became king after his father’s death. He will begin his reign at the age of 4 and continue for the next 72 years બનાવ making his reign the longest in the history of both French and European nations.

2. The nun of Morat

According to some 350-year-old gossip, Queen Maria Theresa of Spain, the wife of King Louis XIV, gave birth to a baby boy born to an African lover, a dwarf named Nabo. The child is believed to be Louis Marie Theresi, a black nun from Morat. The story was that after her birth it was said in public that the baby had died at birth. But before entering the convent in Moret, she was actually secretly taken away for many years to live with a wet nurse in the country. Moret’s black nun is mentioned in memoirs of some members of the French royal court, including Madame de Montespain, mistress of King Louis, and his second wife, Madame de Mantenen. Writer and philosopher Walter was of the opinion that she was the king’s daughter because he had at least one African mistress. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Knotz also wrote a play about Black Nun of Moret called Les Meninas.

1. His successor was the second longest reigning king of France

Suffering from a family tragedy until the end of his life, it seemed that Louis XIV had no heirs to his legacy. His only and only son died of smallpox. In the second year, his grandson, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter will die of measles. Despite having two grandchildren left, one victim was killed in an accident and the other was forced to leave the French so that he could remain ruler of Spain. As a result of this series of misfortunes, Louis XIV requested that one of his illegitimate sons inherit his throne, if the last remaining member of his blood line died. However, this was not the case-his ailing grandson would live to become king at the young age of 5 and reign for 59 years as Louis XV.

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