Top 5 MySpace Tips for Beginner MySpace Music User

Where most articles go wrong with any kind of MySpace tips is that they fail to mention that you have too many different accounts to join. Of these, two are composer accounts and one is user accounts. If you are a musician you need a musician account. I may look smart, but if you don’t have one you don’t have access to the extra 3 MP3s to display … which is a lot.

Anyway. Let’s move on with these MySpace tips:

MySpace Tips: 1. If you use games, flashy content and large files, it will remove people, mainly due to slow loading time from MySpace. If you want to use graphics, don’t let MySpace host them for you, load them using your own bandwidth this way pictures and large files will load a little faster.

Remember these few words for any site:

Short, clean, clear

See if you can find identities for your site, specific colors, etc. The best sites are those where you can easily navigate and quickly find what you need. To get a friend, the day to sign up should be simple.

MySpace Tips: 2. How many people are registered with MySpace? 106 million … so will one of them become your friend? The answer is no and the main reason is that they do not like your music at all. So we have to find out

Like Minded Downloaders and Friends

To do this, MySpace has provided us with some tools. The first is a search engine. Click on the drop down bar: Blogs, Music Interests etc. Then you can find artists just like you.

If you look down, the connection to networking allows you to interact with record companies and people in the industry (make sure the “field” is on the music).

MySpace Tips: 3. To get more friends, go to the artist of the same genre, and see below the list of their friends’ comments, and then click View All. Now if your initial discovery was true, like-minded friends like this could easily pick your music. Also these friends are active spacers as well as fans of the artist (most recent comments are at the top of the page). Just make sure you contact a friend with the most responsive comments.

MySpace Tips: 4. Sometimes if you don’t want a friend who is 3000 miles away, especially if you want to gig. When doing a general search you can find people who are close to your home, by searching for a zip or by doing a county search. There are some great possibilities because these people are more likely to come to your place when you start giggling.

Also increase your zip search for surrounding areas. When you have Gig ready, post in your forum a month ago, a week and then a day … to give everyone enough time.

MySpace Tips: 5 MySpace has evolved from the interaction between friends, a kind of pimped blog. So we should also communicate. This is the time consuming part and it is also the best way of networking. All you need to do is go around your friends homepage and leave a comment by clicking on the Add Comment link at the bottom of the page.

Now as we have seen with the send a message weapon, the ad comment can be made right or wrong.

Wrong way (But you see this 80% of the time … it doesn’t work!)
1. = “You rock”!
2. = “See my music at”

The right way
Wow, what a nice tune [name] Is. I especially like the middle part with the drum solo. Also, where did you get that great background?

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