Top 5 pillows for pregnant women

As a woman, you want to hear someone call you ‘Mommy’, who runs here and there with joy and happiness. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. You can plan a baby right now by discussing it with your important others. All you have to do is consult an experienced gynecologist and find the most fertile days of your cycle. Once you know when you are ovulating, then plan sex and go there!
Your next consideration should be to prepare for various physical problems during pregnancy. With each passing month, your body needs more rest and peace of mind as the baby grows in your womb. You may experience a variety of physical problems ranging from cramps and nausea to chronic pain in the body. Sleep disturbances are a common problem during pregnancy in which, you may need cushions and extra support which is only possible with a good quality mattress.
Factors for choosing the right mattress
You can’t just go out and get a mattress. Instead, you have to do some research and keep in mind some factors when buying any of the available options. Since you are pregnant, your purchasing criteria should be completely different from others. So here’s what you should consider before making a decision:
સ્થિતિ Sleep status: Know your sleep status and try to change it if something goes wrong. Ideally, you should sleep on both sides, not on your back or abdomen, as this can put pressure on the back.
• Firmness: Since you are already carrying a baby in your body, pay attention to the firmness of your pillow. It has a significant effect on everything from relaxation to spinal alignment. Therefore, the mattress should not be too soft or hard on which to sleep.
રની Partner needs: The choice of your pillow should be a mutual decision of you and your spouse as you are both going to share it. Make sure it gives you a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.
• Temperature Matters: As you are aware that you may have temperature changes during pregnancy, avoid buying too soft or hard mattress. Soft can sink your body and not provide adequate insulation while strong pillows have minimal contact with the body, promoting air flow.
ઉપયોગ Post-pregnancy use: The choice of pillows does not only require your rest over time; Instead, you need to consider the post-pregnancy needs as well. Because it’s an expensive investment you can’t make quickly, be sure to remember the requirements.
Top 5 pillows for you
Now that you’ve learned what to consider before making a choice, it’s time to list the possible options. As a pregnant woman, you should look for these pillows:
1. Loom and Leaf
Known as the best memory foam mattress, Loom & Leaf is designed to meet all the needs of a pregnant sleeper.

It is a combination of standard memory and gel memory foam that provides proper softness and extra cushioning. It works on pressure points and reduces back pain during pregnancy. Your task is to choose from two firmness options – firm (8 on scale 1-10) and medium (5.5) to facilitate different feeling preferences and body types. Its cotton cover stays cool during the summer and does not provide the same temperature as most foam pillows. Best of all, Loom & Leaf offers an average 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.
2. Nectar
After loom and leaf, nectar is the main option. Although it is an average price-point mattress, you will see no compromise on quality and performance. It is made up of dual memory foam layers that reduce pressure and align the spine. Its high-density polyfoam base consists of two separate layers for edge support and comfortable sleep. As it is middle generation (6), you can easily use it during and after pregnancy. It can absorb and isolate motion transfer more efficiently than other pillows. The best part is that it is light in weight and can be easily moved and rotated. Nectar offers a 365-night sleep trial with a 10-year warranty.
3. Casper Wave
As a new option on the market, the Casper Wave is a medium soft (4.5) mattress. It has a memory foam, blended latex and polyfoam layer that provides exceptional pressure and pain relief by working on the lower back, neck and other areas. You do not have to struggle to get in and out of bed as the mattress has a thick profile. It is 11 1/2-inch thick while its breathable cotton cover maintains the desired temperature to avoid hot flashes. The manufacturer offers new customers a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial so they can check their comfort level and relax.
4. Bear mattress
If you experience back pain during the first and third trimesters, the Bear Mattress is the right remedy. Made from flagship memory foam, these pillows have a sealant fabric cover that promotes air circulation. The material is useful for absorbing body heat and relieving discomfort. The solvent ensures extra cooling and ensures temperature neutrality. It is also a middle generation (6.5) mattress that you can choose to spend your second and third trimester with comfort and convenience. You can take a 100 night trial sleep and enjoy a 10-year warranty after approval.
5. Brooklyn Bed Signature
If you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds during pregnancy, you should sleep on a Brooklyn bedding signature pillow. It has moderate firmness and perfect balance to suit the body. It is available in three settings: firm (8), middle generation (6) and soft (3). This signature mattress is made of polyfoam comfort and gel-infused polyfoam layers that provide consistent consistency to the body. The best thing about these pillows is that they have pocketed coil support cores to prevent sinkage and swinging on the bed.
Once you consult a doctor and know your physical health, one of the above pillows will be quite easy to come by. Just remember to avoid even minor problems during your pregnancy.

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