Top 5 Quality of a Good WordPress Developer

How do you identify the best WordPress developer from a pool of programmers? A dedicated WordPress developer is able to push the boundaries, move beyond the basics and innovate the project assigned to them. Professional WordPress developers are always busy researching the latest trends and techniques to stay ahead of their peers.

Here are the top 5 qualities of an efficient WordPress developer:

  1. Technical Skillset

A good WordPress developer will have a proper knowledge of various technologies and will be able to create a masterpiece. An ideal WordPress developer should have a good knowledge of codebase on PHP, MySQL, Trac and Xref and be able to set up a local development environment and run a night build. To be able to build a website they need to be well versed in WordPress techniques like core, plugins as well as various themes, which will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. The mindset of the learner

Versions of WordPress are constantly evolving and so is the environment. A good developer should keep up with the latest design, technology and security trends to create websites that are stable and modern. Older look or buggy portals will tarnish your brand image. A stable developer will bring stability to your business profits and your image as well.

  1. Meditation and self-motivation

WordPress professionals need to constantly hone their capabilities and have a fair idea of ​​almost all aspects of this platform. WordPress offers a wide range of options like plugins, themes, front-end design and e-commerce. Therefore, the developer needs to have hands-on, specialized knowledge to find out what will work best for the project. A self-motivated developer will make sure his work stands out in the crowd and not just build numbers.

  1. Solid planning skills

A brilliant developer will be able to sort chaos and create something out of anything. However, lack of planning can be a serious problem – a directionless agenda can delay project delivery and waste time and energy. An efficient programmer will have a schedule and will outline goals – both large and small. They will break down and create tasks as well as adhere to the timeline.

  1. Testing and receiving feedback

A thorough test of everything sent is an important skill of any WordPress developer. They should make sure that whatever code they write works in different browsers and operating systems. Each theme and plugin must be tested in different browsers to avoid last minute troubles. Asking for feedback is a good way to know if what you have created is meaningful and responding positively to feedback shows maturity and dedication to the person’s creation. Your project is in good hands if you manage to hire a developer with these skills.

WordPress is a constantly evolving platform. The main team is always on their toes, trying new things and trying to improve existing ones.

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