Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Lifting Shoes

Lifting shoes are designed to provide a solid and reliable platform. They are very effective in helping the lifter to produce more force and push through the floor to gain weight in the desired position. Proper shoes are essential for those involved in regular deadlifts or heavy squats. Let’s take a look at the five main benefits of lifting shoes:

Elevated heel

The basic feature of lifting shoes is the elevated heel which helps in keeping in proper posture while lifting weights. The ability to maintain posture is not only beneficial for the person lifting weights, but a proper posture is essential in a lift in a professional environment. The height of the heels can vary with different shoes. The selected height will make it possible to achieve the correct power position and maintain balance.

Solid support

Many lifting shoes are built with a solid base made of wood, hard plastic or a mixture of these materials. A solid platform is required to build the lift. Trying to lift on an unstable surface can be very dangerous. However, the firm base of the lifting shoes makes it much easier to maintain proper posture.

Ankle support

Most lifting shoes are made of materials like rubber, leather or plastic. The entire shoe is made with strength in all areas to create a very secure feeling for the feet and ankles. Also, the shoes may feature extra straps to further assist in the effort to provide support.


Solid base, elevated heel and support are designed to provide overall mobility when lifting. Shoes are especially helpful for providing proper mobility to the hips, knees and ankles. Proper hip and ankle flexion is essential to help achieve the desired blast power and ability to maintain grip for the right amount of time. If the hips and ankles are not in a position to give the desired power production, it will be more difficult to produce proper strength.


Appropriate shoes should be worn while doing weightlifting to help reduce the risk of injuries. If there is no solid support and base, lifting heavy weights or doing complex movements can lead to injury. Any shoe that lacks support can put the body in poor alignment, which increases the risk of injury.

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