Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose to Innovate

# 5 You hate the idea of ​​moving

Change is tough – most people oppose change as a by-product of being human. Many people migrate out of necessity and quickly discover that moving is stressful, expensive and you want to do it as little as possible in a lifetime. Many homeowners have repeatedly said that they finally decided to renovate because simply moving is not a real option. Many were already very close to family and / or very close to work, so it seemed impractical to leave those benefits for a large home that might soon need its own renovation as well. The end result is that they don’t have to worry about staying where they are, renovating and moving too long.

# 4 Lifestyle is important

What was once called “continuing with Jonis” is now known as a legitimate exercise to maintain value and increase happiness. In many cases, home improvements, and subsequent lifestyle increases, tend to add real financial value to your property, not just the abstract positive feeling of enjoying your newly renovated space. Lifestyle is important – homeowners recognize that they have worked hard for their money – so it only makes sense that they should spend some of it where they spend most of their time … on their property.

# 3 “Do It Yourself” projects are time consuming, stressful and (usually) poorly done.

You may have heard the expression “you get what you pay for” more often than not in the past. This is especially true in the home improvement and construction industry.

People, don’t take our word for it … go online and look around for the innovations done by amateurs and you will see that they almost always … well … look amateur. In some cases, unprofessional home improvement can lead to insurance problems or even resale problems. On a basement project years ago, we discovered (after breaking down) that a previous landlord had wired their basement with speaker wire. This was an obvious fire hazard and having a code problem forced us to fix it before continuing the renovation.

# 2 You definitely like your location

Some homeowners will continue to make further improvements to their existing home because their location is too good to ever leave. Renovation in this regard is often done for aesthetic and modernization (instead of the usual home improvement – for example, where the kitchen is enlarged or basements are developed for a more practical living space.)

# 1 Practicality

The top reason consumers end up deciding to take a plunge and innovate remains: it’s easy to do. Maybe your family has moved out of your old bungalow, and as the kids get older you need space in the basement for them. Or maybe you choose to cook and entertain in your kitchen area several times each week, but you’ve noticed that the kitchen layout is very close to these gatherings. Another possibility is to add a house to the garage for an elderly relative or as some additional rental income. Whatever the reason, homeowners have a practical concern that requires a practical solution from a professional renovator.

Of course, many times, people decide to innovate as a result of all 5 of the above factors, or some other combination of them. No two homeowners are ever the same.

We wrote the above just to help you understand that you are not alone if you are one of those homeowners on the fence about commercial home improvement.

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