Top 5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website This Year

You can get a lot of traffic to your website without spending a ton of money. Below are 5 things you can do to get free traffic to your website for years to come. These things are not difficult but will require some work from you.

Here are 5 things you need to do to get more traffic to your site:

1. Submit articles to directories at least 2 times a week

2. SEO you website properly

3. Start a blog that links back to your website

4. Post on the forum

5. Make blog comments on other blogs that take you back to your website

Let’s discuss these 5 things in more detail.

1. Submitting to article directories twice a week is a very powerful way to get traffic back to your website. When you write articles related to the theme of your website, you provide a really cool way to push readers of your articles to your website to get more information about the topics of your submitted articles. The articles you submit will stay in the directory longer which will give you the power to stay in real traffic. You should submit at least to the following directories:






These directories have good page rank and Google likes them.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another way to ensure that you get a lot of traffic back to your website. The first thing you should do is make sure your meta tags are set correctly. Make sure your title, description, and keyword tags are targeted to all the keywords for which you are optimizing your website. Next, make sure your domain name contains your main keyword. Set title tags on every page of your website for your main keyword. Your main keyword should be in the first paragraph of each of your website pages. All images on your website should contain alt tags containing your main keywords. Finally, include the keywords you are targeting as 2% of the text content on each of your website pages.

3. You need to create 2 blogs that link back to your website. These blogs can be created for free on and For example, Google and other search engines frequently index blogs on and when you update your blog, bots come and crawl the content and follow the links on your website. By taking articles you submit to directories and then posting them on your blog you are feeding search engines more content and whenever you do that, spiders will come to your blog and inform all the search engines that you have. A highly relevant blog and they will send traffic to the blog and that will lead back to your website. Whenever you blog, you add another page to your blog that is rich in keywords and helps you get more website visitors.

4. Find a forum for your niche by typing in Google “Your special Forums. “Then go to this forum and sign up. Once you have entered the forum start looking for good discussions and then start reading posts. When you make your first comment, you want to add something non-intrusive like asking a question. Create about 15 “question posts” in a forum before you start giving advice. By providing good quality advice and content you will get traffic to your website. You do this by researching your topic before commenting in the forum.

Make sure your website link is in your signature line in the forum so that you can get visitors from the forum and also search engines will follow your link to your site and send you more traffic.

Make sure your links are relevant and memorable to the advice you are giving. You have to comment in the forum which you like frequently so that the members know you well.

5. Another way to regain traffic to your website, like forums, is to comment on blogs that have topics specific to you and the theme of your website. Using the same exercise, you can find these blogs by typing in Google. “Your special Blogs. “Find about 10 related blogs and then go to them and read your specific and website related content post. Make sure you leave good comments that make sense on the blog post and have a link to your website. Comments will not be approved unless their meaning and value are added. Comments such as, “I’m lucky I found this web blog, the only true information I was looking for!” Or “Very useful blog. I will follow this blog. Keep up the good work” It has no value and will usually not be added to the blog. Make your comments relevant to specific information in the blog post. With a little research, you can do this easily.

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