UAH Combines for Nine NCAA Provisional Marks at Georgia Tech Invitational

By | April 23, 2022

ATLANTA | The University of Alabama in Huntsville men’s and women’s track & field teams competed at the Georgia Tech Invitational this weekend, coming away with two new program records and nine NCAA provisional marks.

Men’s Notables

Jay Day broke the program record in 1500 meters with a 15th-place time of 3:48.44, which also tops the NCAA provisional mark.
Zach Hancock had a pair of stellar performances, including a program-record setting shot put of 18.60 meters for first place as well as a first-place showing in the discus at 56.18 meters. Both marks top the NCAA provisional standard.
Michael Gizzi topped the NCAA provisional mark in two events, as he notched a time of 10.51 for fifth in the 100-meter dash as well as a clocking of 20.91 in 200 meters for fifth also.
Wilson McClain recorded second place in 110-meter hurdles with a time of 14.08, which breaks the NCAA provisional threshold.

Women’s Notables

Ronni VanZant came within .30 seconds of breaking the program record in 400-meter hurdles, as she placed eighth in the event at 1:02.74.
-UAH’s 100 meter relay team of Chelsea Burnett, Zakiria Holifield, Chandler Robinsonand Krystalynn Oatman bested the NCAA provisional standard with a time of 46.21 for fourth place.
Zakiria Holifield notched an NCAA provisional time in the 200-meter spring with a third-place showing at 24.16.
Krystalynn Oatman topped the NCAA provisional time in the 100-meter dash, placing ninth with a time of 11.78.

UAH Results

Men’s 100 meters
5. Michael Gizzi10.51
27. Grayson Russell11:00
46. Noah Lawler11.66

Women’s 100 meters
9. Krystalynn Oatman11.78
15. Zakiria Holifield11.95

Men’s 200 meters
5. Michael Gizzi20.91
23. Dantavious Thomas22.01
28. Grayson Russell22.17

Women’s 200 meters
3. Zakiria Holifield24.16
12. Krystalynn Oatman24.66
28. Chandler Robinson25.62

Men’s 400 meters
15. Dantavious Thomas48.95
25. Jeremiah Dervis49.56
35. Timothy McCloud51.19
45. Trey McFarland53.04

Women’s 400 meters
33. Chelsea Burnett59.71

Men’s 800 meters
30. Jay Day1:54.92
35. Nathan Knox1:55.29
59. Jacob Kachadorian1:58.21
69. Jack Elliott1:59.73
71. Mitchell Cook2:00.17
80. Will Anglea2:06.04

Women’s 800 meters
40. Erin Cannon2:19.33
43. Caroline Ursprung2:19.59
55. Sylvia Cortes2:23.18
70. Taylor Simmons2:32.72

Men’s 1500 meters
15. Jay Day3:48.44
21. Jacob Bishop3:50.67
30. Nathan Knox3:52.88
37. Caleb Boys3:55.57
45. Jack Elliott3:57.72
70. Will Anglea4:06.69

Women’s 1500 meters
43. Caroline Ursprung4:44.98

Men’s 5000 meters
8. Sam Wilhelm14:30.11
11th. Harold Lacroix14:34.86
18. Allan Anderson14:43.11
27. Alex Herbst14:52.30
54. James Cain15:25.82
65. Jackson Danner15:44.21
77. Alex Ponce16:15.55

Women’s 5000 meters
17. Emily McMurry17:46.85
36. Abby Weist18:38.69
41. Claudia Dassow18:51.90
44. Tatiana Padgett18:59.94
52. Amelia Brady19:36.21

Men’s 110 meter hurdles
2nd. Wilson McClain14.08

Women’s 100 meter hurdles
17. Ronni VanZant14.88

Men’s 400 meter hurdles
24. Colin Chirwacho57.96
27. Baker Schell58.48
31. Bobby Stanberry1:00.72

Women’s 400 meter hurdles
8. Ronni VanZant1:02.74
18. Nikki Mata1:05.74

Men’s 3000 meter steeplechase
21. Taylor Nails10:16.94
22. Peyton Bailey10:17.62

Women’s 3000 meter steeplechase
11th. Paige Wohlgemuth13:18.86

Men’s 100 meter relay
6. Noah Lawler, Dantavious Thomas, Michael Gizzi, Grayson Russell41.42

Women’s 100 meter relay
4. Chelsea Burnett, Zakiria Holifield, Chandler Robinson, Krystalynn Oatman46.21

Men’s 400 meter relay
12. Colin Chirwacho, Timothy McCloud, Jeremiah Dervis, Bobby Stanberry3:26.18

Women’s 400 meter relay
8. Sylvia Cortes, Erin Cannon, Nikki Mata, Zakiria Holifield3:52.62

Men’s pole vault
3. Garrison Hill4.85m

women’s pole vault
10. Lauren Hamm3.40m
12. Emee Baldwin3.40m

Men’s long jump
2nd. Cameron Clark7.17m
21. Noah Lawler6.09m
27. Willie Campbell5.61m

women’s long jump
15. Jordan Bailey5.38m
30. Ronni VanZant4.99m
37. Chandler Robinson4.61m

Men’s triple jump
9. Willie Campbell13.35m

Men’s shot put
one. Zach Hancock18.60m
13. Alex Howard15.61m
17. Stephen Tanner14.95m
21. Evans Wright13.86m
22. Justin Bensinger12.97m
27. Brody Lowe10.89m

Women’s shot put
37. Bailey Weible10.66m

men’s discus
one. Zach Hancock56.18m
12. Andrew Skipworth43.11m
16. Stephen Tanner42.04m
21. Justin Bensinger38.80m

women’s discus
25. Bailey Weible35.25m

Men’s hammer
8. Evans Wright51.90m
10. Justin Bensinger50.41m
19. Stephen Tanner38.78m
22. Andrew Skipworth26.73m

women’s hammer
28. Bailey Weible32.55m

men’s javelin
4. Miguel Cortes58.39m
6. Trey McFarland53.95m
15. Brody Lowe46.12m

women’s javelin
6. Katie Long39.76m
10. Ronni VanZant36.27m

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