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By | March 13, 2022

Say it with us, say it all together, say it loud and proud, and most of all say it in your best Martin Tyler vocal approximation:

And it’s live!

Yes, y’all, it’s that time. Having written entirely too many words about too many basketball teams for the past six weeks, we have officially arrived at the narrowest, pointiest end of the Bubble Watch calendar: Champ Week. It’s when we stop being polite and start getting real, etc. and so on, but most of all it’s when we turn this page into a living document, ready to be amended at a moment’s notice, as soon as results roll in and teams’ at-large fortunes change. There is still plenty to play for, as the math below (and the number of teams still listed in the rather large column below them, too) will indicate:

Automatic bids: 25Locks: 31Should be in: 4Work to do: 1Waiting game: 12

As of Saturday evening, that’s 73 teams for 68 spots, with 13 teams either with work to do or already eliminated from their conference tournaments in contention for eight at-large spots along the bubble. That number will change again Saturday.


• A lock is a lock. In other words, we are very careful calling teams locks.A lock, within reason, should be basically guaranteed to make the tournament.

• Records (which, like the committee, do not comprise wins over non-Division I opponents) are always up to date. NET and SOS numbers are current as of the previous overnight updates. Where possible, we will try to keep all of the relevant NET and schedule numbers updated. Special thanks to Warren Nolan and, whose NET schedule view and tracking of canceled/postponed games is invaluable.

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