What are exotic lingerie?

First of all, let’s define the meaning of the word exotic. Exotic agents; exciting unusual, different, exciting strange, or from another part of the world.

Shortening that phrase to exotic means different, unique or unusual from what you are used to. So if you are looking for exotic lingerie then you are looking for lingerie that is not normal for you.

The longing for exotic lingerie shows that you are adventurous and want to act on the fantasy of “being excitingly alien, or from another part of the world.”

And you think to yourself that you need some kind of wild lingerie to fulfill that imagination. I’m here to tell you that whips and chains are not the only way to go. Just remember this important fact exotic means different and unusual to you.

Let me give you some examples here.

If you are a biker bride and wear leather vests and chaps all the time, then the whips and chains would not be considered unique or different. What would be exotic lingerie for you, would be a cute little pink or white teddy bear or baby doll with a little ruffle but panties.

If you never wear dresses, something like a chemise or sexy club dress can be exotic lingerie for you.

If you are the woman who wears dresses and is usually very feminine, whips and chains may give the shock and reverence you are looking for.

Costumes are also a great source of exotic lingerie, with lots of styles and fantasies to choose from.

The whole purpose of wanting exotic lingerie is to feel different than normal and to shock and excite our partners. And there is something about an abrupt change of style, which can strengthen your mood and give you that powerful sense of confidence that says “I can be and do what I want”.
Men become enthusiastic about the unusual and new lingerie choices; it makes them hang on the edge of their seat and hike what happens next.

So when shopping for exotic lingerie, just remember that it does not have to be completely wild and crazy to get his attention. Just choose something other than what you would normally go for, and have fun unleashing your fantasies.

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