What are other ways to use a wooden chest for toys?

1. I currently use my wooden chest for toys as a shoe store at the entrance to my door. My toddlers rummage through their shoes and find a matching pair. Then they close the lid of the toy chest and sit on it to start putting on their shoes.

2. You can store pillows from the bed just before bedtime. You will know those pillows that you always throw on the end of the bed or on the side, because you do not really use them, they are just decorative pieces in your home. If you have a wooden chest for toys, on which you can place a pillow on top or open the lid, it will be the perfect decoration for any room in the house.

3. You can use the chest as a storage box for any purse or wallet. It’s a great way to add a little decoration and style to your collection. You can get a style that matches who you are, or you can even place a cloth or scarf over your chest with toys. Toy chests come in a variety of styles such as boxed, traditional, classic and even personalized.

5. Men can store all their various hats that they collect and do not get rid of. My father always collected hats for many years of his life. He always says it builds character and its added accessories, just as women use hair bows or earrings.

6. A great way to hide junk mail, newspapers or even magazines is to place them in a toy box. You can choose a small wooden chest for toys and place it as a decorative piece in the kitchen, living room or even in the bathroom (instead of a magazine rack).

7. You can arrange your clothes according to the season. You can exchange winter for spring or summer for autumn by placing it in a wooden chest.

8. You can store a garden hose, garden shovels or flower pots. You can also store outdoor toys, such as a slide, plastic rake or shovel, and place them in a building and garage so you can use them next year. If you have a fireplace in the yard, a toy box would be a great way for another company. This adds a unique and convenient way of making marshmallows and s’mores.

9. You can create a place to store memories such as pictures, albums or even childhood memories. I know my kids get a huge amount of papers with art projects, coloring books and crafts that they completed at school, this is something you can use as a keepsake. You can place your wedding album, CD, video or even a bracelet from the hospital from the birth of your child. This is the perfect chest to remember!

10. Another great way to use a toy case or chest is to remove the hinges from the top lid and make a clock that can be exposed from the wall. You can buy watches that are relatively cheap at your local store. You can go to your local craft store and buy weapons and numbers to create your own clock design. I have found that Gorilla Glue is the best type of adhesive when working with wood products.

11. A fun way to show the hands and feet of your little ones is to let them dip their feet in a washable color and apply them to your own wooden design with a toy chest. You can create your own masterpiece while preserving your memories. It’s a fun activity that engages your kids. Every time you look at your masterpiece that you have created, it brings back that moment in time.

12. Finally, you can chop it and use it on firewood for the winter or even in the summer for a fireplace. Before that, try to donate it to the children of your neighbor or local Goodwill.

There are many ways you can use a wooden chest in your home if your toddler has outgrown them, or you are looking for a unique way to store things that don’t look like a mess.

My favorite and most creative way to reuse a wooden chest is to remove the top lid from the hinges and stick the mirror around the inner layer. You can add flowers for a nice added decor. You can hang the top at the entrance to the house or at the bottom of the stairs. Place the base of the trunk under it and add a beautiful potted plant for an elegant look.

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