What are potatoes made of?

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I’d like to dive into one of my (and most chefs) favorite cooking things. We consume potatoes on a daily basis, whether it is mashed potatoes, french fries, chips, thickening soups, or we even enjoy a glass of vodka with caviar. Twenty-five million tons of potatoes are grown worldwide every year, but what are they actually made of?


In the beginning, one of the most sought after materials in potatoes is starch. Potatoes, depending on the variety, consist of about 18% starch. As a result, potatoes are one of the most consumed vegetables in the world. As a result, the fries, baked potatoes, potato pancakes and home fries are crunchy, brown and tasty. You want high-starch potatoes for frying and low-starch potatoes for mashed potatoes, this is because if the potatoes are too starchy, they will turn into a sticky mashed potato. If you have some time for a little patience, you can use starch to your advantage to create very cool flakes with a window by slicing two very thin slices of potatoes, between which you insert a parsley and fry them.


Depending on the potato variety and their place of cultivation, the water content of the potatoes is approximately 78%. Potatoes containing more water, such as Yukon Gold or Red Bliss, are best for mashed potatoes, gratin dishes or baking. Potatoes with a lower moisture content are best for frying or stewing.

The rest of the potatoes are made up of many good things, such as about 2-5% of the protein that the USDA has concluded has high nutritional value. Vitamin C, sugar, fiber and 1% fat.

I hope I taught you a little more about potatoes and helped you appreciate this great vegetable. Vegetables that have fed the poor and hungry for centuries.

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