What are solar roof shingles?

With all the incredible innovative advances made over the last decade in solar technology, solar roofing is now more affordable than ever before. This is due to solar shingles, which is a new roofing that saves energy and reduces electricity costs for property owners. Keep reading to learn more about solar shingles and where to get trusted roof installation advice for your home or building.

Advent of solar-powered roofing

In the past, most people imagined large, blue, light bulb panels on top of a house or building when they thought of solar energy. But in today’s world, this is no longer the only option for domestic solar energy. On the other hand, this technology was the inspiration for the emergence of a new and improved type of solar energy known as solar shingles.

Solar roof shingles are basically photovoltaic cells that have been specially designed to look like asphalt roof shingles. Their onset was the result of improvements in thin-film photovoltaics. Homeowners are attracted to this technology for many reasons because solar shingles provide a long list of benefits.

Advantages of solar roof shingles

Solar shingles are flexible and lightweight, making them easy to install. In terms of their integration with conventional asphalt shingles, the integration is practically seamless; you will hardly tell the difference between one shingle and another, especially on roof systems that are dark in color. In fact, they tend to look better on darker roofs.

Solar roof shingles are not only aesthetically pleasing compared to the old, bulky solar technology, but they are also economically advantageous. They can save homeowners money on energy costs by increasing the energy efficiency of their home. Homeowners may even be entitled to certain solar tax credits.


In most cases, solar shingles are applied to the existing electrical grid to ensure that your home is powered even when there is no sun. Luckily, if you produce more energy than you actually use, you may be able to sell it back to the energy company. Although solar shingles are known for their easy installation, they can only be installed by qualified roofing suppliers who have a license and experience in the industry.

In addition to a licensed roofing company, you will also need an electrician who will connect everything to your electrical system for you. In general, you can expect them to install an “inverter” that converts the generated electric current to standard alternating current.

Talk to a professional

Solar roof systems are expensive in advance, but can bring homeowners life savings. As this is a large investment, it is important to fully consider your options before making a final purchase decision. Talk to a local and trusted roofing contractor who will provide you with expert advice and recommendations you can trust.

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