What are the benefits of a new lease?

New leasing is becoming an increasingly convenient, more cost-effective and more common way of operating a vehicle. For many people, a car is not always the best and most affordable option. The car is a depreciating asset and will soon begin to lose its value. Thus, a useful alternative is a novelty lease, which brings a number of practical advantages.

Here are some benefits of new leasing:

1 – This type of leasing system is designed to enable the employer to take payments for the car and maintenance from the employee’s pre-taxable salary. This is useful for reducing the taxable wage and also for reducing the income tax that will be payable throughout the year.

In addition to the main lease payment, the lease may include additional expenses such as operating costs such as service, registration and fuel. It is therefore possible to rely on these pre-tax wages to pay for these daily costs and may help to further reduce taxable income. In the event that the funds set aside for operating costs are not used up, there is a possibility to return this money to the employee.

2 – For many employers, the option to offer a new lease can provide a cost-effective and simple way to add significant value to the employee package. This will definitely make the company more attractive when it comes to retaining or recruiting.

3 – It is a practical alternative to a company operating a fleet of its own vehicles. In the event that an employee leaves the company, the lease and future payments or liabilities will go with him. This helps to remove the heavy burden that society has to manage and maintain on a large number of vehicles.

It therefore helps to eliminate a large number of risks that are exposed to society. The lease immediately passes into a bilateral agreement between the previous employee and the financial company.


In addition to the broad benefits of new leasing, there are several disadvantages to this particular type of car financing. For example, tax benefits may vary from individual to individual. It is usually more advantageous for employees in higher tax zones. There are leasing companies that will tell you which dealership can be used to buy a car. This can limit the general choice of vehicle and also the possibility to negotiate a price. Leases also contain various clauses that you should read and fully understand before proceeding.

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