What are the best e-commerce platforms for your business?

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is important for the success of your business. You choose the features you need, but on the other hand, you are aware of the challenges you will face as your business evolves or changes. The versatility, flexibility and price of your platform can help you.

Before you compare e-commerce platforms, it’s a wise idea to have a large part of your capabilities and strategies in place. For example, there are platforms that are better for those who are focused on SEO. You’d rather not create your e-commerce site and then realize that it’s not optimized for your strategy. While some platforms will feel restrictive for those who have coding capabilities, those who do not have this expertise can greatly benefit from the straightforwardness of the same platforms.

Keep your priorities as a top priority, come with us as we look at the six best e-commerce platforms currently available.

1) WooCommerce

WooCommerce has been dominating its market for some time. As a direct add-on, WordPress really has something to offer, especially for those businesses that have a website and unexpectedly plunge into e-commerce. WooCommerce has high adaptability and built-in analytics. The platform also has all day, every day, customers support it as virtually all ecommerce platforms.

The plug-in itself is free, but you actually have to have your site and pay for some related expenses. If you need a universal package, competitors such as Squarespace may make more sense to you.

2) Shopify

The vast majority of Shopify services are well known. It is an e-commerce platform chosen by those who rely on social media marketing or outsourcing for sales. The platform is simple, flexible and scalable from small to medium-sized businesses. In addition, you don’t have to bother with knowledge of the coding language to use it. Instead, the platform has a drag and drop interface that allows you to build your page.

Shopify focuses on sales and provides a number of customer experience management (CEM) and up-sell functions. However, shopify has trouble handling the largest stores. Shopify Plus can help you grow into a bigger store, but if you’re already a big retailer, it may not be the right choice for you.

3) Big deal

Numerous businesses are narrowing their choice between Shopify and BigCommerce. Big Commerce can not only handle the huge stores that Shopify struggles with, but also offers stronger SEO performance. He has one-page experience with the checkout that could help you convert, but he doesn’t have a single click that Shopify does so well.

Of course, whether or not BigCommerce will work for you through Shopify depends on your own strategy. By the chance that you choose BigCommerce, you can expect high scalability (if you have coding capabilities) and constant customer support. However, you can also expect a higher price for many of the features that other platforms include in their basic plans.

4) OpenCart

If it is not possible to achieve a higher Big Commerce price, you can award OpenCart instead. It’s open source and free to use, although you can invest in add-ons that cost from up to $ 100 for free. There are many other alternatives, some with features that you would have to pay for elsewhere.

The platform also requires a lot of knowledge about coding because it is extremely customizable, but because their support is not as solid as other platforms. In case something goes wrong, you may need to play with your website yourself while OpenCart returns to you.


Ultimately, the best e-commerce platform for your business will be the one that matches your coding capabilities and development expectations, both in terms of volume and number of items offered.

The right platform should also allow you to use the marketing strategies and customer experience you need to thrive.

No matter what you choose, don’t try to choose the right e-commerce platform – it’s a complicated decision that will have a significant impact on your business.

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