What are the best pool toys?

If you go to most shops in the summer, you will see a wide selection of water toys. There are floats and water wings, boats, inflatable seating and, of course, pool noodles, to name a few. While pool toys that are actually made for this purpose will be a great addition to a pool and provide the family with hours of fun, not all pool toys are the same.

When your children are by the water, the number one thing is supervision. This means never disappearing from their sight and always watching what they are doing in the water. This also applies to toys. If the toy breaks, immediately remove it from the pool, otherwise it may pose a danger not only to children (cutting, etc.), but also to the pool itself. Sharp objects can cut or damage the pool foil, make a hole in the inflatable pool, or get stuck in the skimmer or pipe. While pool noodles with pieces of them will still work and will not cut your child, the pieces can still get stuck in the pool and cause problems.

If this float or inflatable ride escapes, it must also be removed and either repaired or discarded. No child wants to get stuck in the deep end of the pool on something that loses air. Leak repair kits are available for larger inflatables, and it may be easier to replace everything together for smaller items than to try to repair small leaks.

You may have noticed that pool toys tend to be colored plastic, for a very good reason. Of course, these kitchen utensils can pour and suck water and are very fun, but if they are metal, be careful when using them in the pool. First, the metal gets very hot in the sun, and second, the metal could react with the chemicals in the pool and change the color of the water to ugly. Besides, why use good kitchen utensils when plastic pool toys are just as fun and as created for this job?

While this last thing may be unnecessary, there is no room for wheeled toys near the pool. Tricycles and bicycles and scooters belong on the grass or sidewalk, not on the poolside terrace. Safety first!

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