What are the hidden threats to driver safety?

When you do business, you have a number of responsibilities. These commitments range from profitable liabilities to shareholders to smaller liabilities, such as a promise to younger members of your team.

However, your first and foremost duty is always the safety of your employees. He goes above all and is severely punished by law if you do not provide your employees with effective care and protection.

Ensuring security is easy on your own premises. The risks in a building are often predictable and easy to manage. But what if your employees leave your premises and set out on a journey with your fleets? You still have a duty of care.

The answer is fleet risk management, but what hidden threats to your business can fleet risk management protect? Let’s see.

Invalid / prohibited driving licenses

This may seem like a small risk, but there are a shocking number of drivers on the roads who have their driving license revoked, drive with an expired driving license or have been excluded from driving for a while. In fact, 1 in 650 drivers who have had their driving license checked drive at the time they are disqualified, and 1 in 300 has their driving license revoked or expires. In addition, 1 in 16 drivers have problems with their photo card.

Driving with any of these problems is illegal and in the event of an accident you will be personally responsible for not checking their login details. Therefore, the control of fleet driving licenses in a comprehensive risk management solution is absolutely necessary.

Bad driving habits

We are all guilty of the bad driving habits we have acquired over the years of road travel. These bad habits are dangerous in our own vehicles, but in the fleet they run the risk of endangering the entire business unless you move to solve them.

Whether it’s cornering too fast, not checking the rear-view mirrors, constantly exceeding the speed limit, late braking or any other bad driving habit, anything that can endanger the safety of you, your employees and the public. Therefore, driver retraining is a legal requirement.

Other drivers

You can be as safe as possible on the road, but you simply can’t always predict what other drivers will do on the road. Either due to inattention, drunkenness or simply dangerous driving, many accidents that happen will not be the fault of your staff.

However, fleet training can teach your employees to pay more attention to warning signs and act accordingly. It’s another small way that training proves necessary – especially if it saves lives.

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