What are the risks of using Facebook to grow your business?

A few years ago, if you wanted to expand your business, Facebook was the most popular method. And many people still feel that using this social media platform is practical.

This thought process is celebrated. When Facebook was launched in 2004, my friend called me and invited me to join her. After about a year, I finally succeeded. It never occurred to me that I could use this to grow my business.

A few years later, when I closed my stone business, I helped other small business owners develop and grow their social media business. And like most consultants, I recommended and used Facebook. My small business owners were successful, so I was successful too.

Later, when I left small business consulting, I decided to open the door to online marketing. And it was nice and informative. Like many other people, I have learned from failure. Marketing anything online is challenging due to fraud.

When I finally earned a master’s degree from the University of Hard Knocks using the internet for my business adventures, I found that I too could use Facebook to grow and expand my bank account.

Using groups on Facebook and building relationships was easy. I opened four of my own groups. Everything went very well. Although I was not completely satisfied with Facebook, it brought results. And sometimes I bought an ad on Facebook.

Several of my business partners have warned of changes on the horizon. But I was successful and I didn’t listen. That was my fault.

It’s about this; don’t believe this platform. They have a unique way of selling our personal information and an even more unique way of tracking our contributions. (Yes, even our business content).

The insidious control of the facts is paramount. Mostly because fact-checking is not fact-finding, it’s a way to silence and control our content.

Be careful if you are building your business on this platform. They can deactivate your account at any time. And a lot of the time they won’t tell you exactly the reason.

I lost all my personal groups, plus thousands of followers and my account. If I had just listened to my co-workers before this happened, I would never have used this platform.

My business was moral, legal, ethical and above standard. I lost my Facebook account because my content didn’t fit them.

I opened a new account. But I will never trust the platform that controls my content again; business or personal.

Anyone who suggests you build your business on Facebook is naive. The market and business environment is not what it was five or decades ago. Today it’s about control. Your business is your livelihood; it’s your hard work. Think about it before you move forward. You may want to make changes.

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