What are underground rivers?

We all know the rivers that flow on the earth’s surface. But strangely, there are also underground rivers. Do you know how underground rivers are formed?

There are many reasons that lead to the formation of underground rivers.

An underground river is formed when the highest surface of the earth allows rainwater to easily pass into a firmer soil structure. This water begins to flow under the pressure of the upper water and takes the form of an underground river.

Water flow in rocks depends on two properties: porosity and permeability of the rock. Porosity is the part of the rock volume that is formed by emptiness. In general, elastic rocks are porous. Crystalline rocks have low porosity. Permeability is a relatively general term used to describe a case in which fluid can flow through a rock cavity. It depends mainly on the size of the cavity. Groundwater flows along the road along the steepest slope.

Limestone rocks are honeycomb with tunnels and cones. When rainwater that contains a certain amount of acid falls on them, an interesting process takes place. Water begins to flow through their tunnels and caves, looking for a way out. As the water moves, it wears more and more of the surrounding rock and creates long tunnels, which eventually turn into underground rivers. These rivers will eventually rise into the sea in certain places.

This is another process by which an underground river is created. When the mighty spring for the strength and compactness of the rocks cannot set off, it begins to flow underground.

The distance that such a river travels underground varies. In some cases it is more and in some less so. The famous Rhine travels in France just a little underground. An underground river is known in Somerset (United Kingdom), speleologists have tried to monitor the flow of some underground rivers, but many corridors are too narrow to cross. In this context, some researchers have suggested a procedure. It involves mixing a certain dye in river water to be recognized when it re-emerges.

Underground rivers form a number of Deep Caves, which are home to many unknown creatures, most caves are created by a stream of rainwater, rivers. Some rivers connect directly to the oceans and some rivers in the middle of the mainland then join the ocean.

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