What are webinars and what is the difference between them?

A webinar is a live online video or audio seminar that connects you as a webinar to your audience. Webinars have the ability to bring in new leads and help you communicate with your audience in a new, more personal way.

Schedule a webinar

Webinars have higher clickthrough rates, sales conversion rates, and the ability to create email lists than many other online marketing methods.

However, you must schedule the webinar before starting. Make sure you give your audience a quick win. Add something that even beginners in your area or industry can put into practice. Think about answering just one big question or solving one big problem that your audience has. Holding on to just one question or problem will make it easier for your audience to act.

Is the operation of webinars expensive?

Organizing webinars is not expensive. Google Hangouts, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live are free online video streaming services that you can use to organize your webinars. There are also specific webinar software providers that will provide you with all the tools you need in one package.

Webinars are driven by video and audio. Bad sound kills the best script and webinar offer. Make sure you provide high quality sound. This means that you will organize your webinar in a quiet environment without distractions using a quality microphone.

It’s not all “Sale, sale, sale!”

Webinars work because your audience can interact with you and each other. Think of providing value, not selling. Provide incredible value during the webinar. If you make an offer at the end of the webinar, make sure that what the webinar participants pay for the value they receive is so attractive that they cannot overlook the offer.

Practice delivery

Practice, practice and then practice again. Show your webinar to some friends and get their feedback. Conduct your webinar so many times that you will be familiar with the software from your point of view as well as from the point of view of your participants. The exercise is a master, so familiarize yourself with the webinar software and script before running.

Be yourself

You are a unique personality and webinars have a great way to make your personality stand out. Be yourself and not only will you feel more comfortable with the webinar, but your interaction with your participants in the future will be more real, which will connect you more with your audience to want to buy from you and not from your competitors.

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