What does it mean if a man always needs your attention? Know this before it is too late

Women often complain that men do not pay enough attention to their women. But it can mean a lot when a man starts paying too much attention to you or needs your attention too much. Here are some things that can happen in a man’s mind when he always wants to get your attention:

That he beat you

If you find that the boy you normally associate with is suddenly looking for ways and means to spend more time with you and constantly wants your attention, he can attack you. That’s because he cares about you so he wants to spend all his time with you and always needs your attention.

He may be insecure
Sometimes a man demands a woman’s constant attention when he feels insecure in a relationship. If there is an ugly fight or there is a reason to make your man jealous, he will desperately need your attention. He tries to get all your attention just because he can’t handle his insecurity.

He feels he needs to get you closer to him
Sometimes when a man feels the need to bring you closer to him, he starts to get your attention. If he makes you feel that he needs you and your time, he will feel that you need and desire in the relationship and therefore take this step.

He may be going through a difficult time
When a man has a hard time, he approaches the woman in his life. If you see that your man is always looking for your attention for no apparent reason, he may go through a rough spot and need your help to make things feel a little better.

He wants to see how you handle him
Occasionally, a man may want to test a woman. If he feels that a woman does not care enough about him, he always tries to see how she handles the pressure of being around him and gets all her attention.

He needs your undivided attention
If you both live a very busy life, a man who always needs your attention means that he has missed you and wants to be with you more.

He is in love with you
Finally, he loves you when a man makes you spend all your time with him and is constantly looking for your attention.

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