What does it mean when a boy tells you that he is thinking of you? Find out the real reason

So the guy declares that he has been thinking a lot about you lately. Do you believe or doubt him? What does it really mean when a guy says this statement? Should you be happy that he says that or does he just play with your feelings?

It all depends on his behavior.

When he says he’s thinking about you, he’s either smiling at you or trying to get past that (he just wants to stop blaming you) statement and look at his face instead. If you are a good judge of character, you should be able to tell what his real intentions are.

That means he is already attracted to you.

Maybe, it’s as simple as that, you’ve already become a magnet. He tells you the truth so trust him because he has been thinking a lot about you lately!

This guy wants you to know he’s important to you.

He wants to tell you that you are second to none. It’s like a statement that you are already at the center of his life. This statement confirms his deepest feelings for you, so it is up to you whether you reciprocate or not.

He wants to know if you feel the same way.

Sometimes guys say these things because he wants to see your initial reaction when you hear him. Does he see the shock? Then it means that he should spend his time. Did he see happiness? Then it means that you like him too.

He is already expressing his feelings for you.

What more could a woman ask for? A boy thinks of her! That means she is now an integral part of his life. Telling you that he clearly loves you and that he cares a lot about you means that he has only a few days left to acknowledge his love for you.

He wants to let you know that you are not going unnoticed.

This person also wants to let you know that he has been impressed with you for the longest time. He wants you to know that he sees your beautiful face, those stylish clothes and the unforgettable scent.

He tests the water for his next step.

Again, this person checks your initial response after he tells you that he is thinking of you. All he needs to do now is assess whether he should be attracted to you or not. Only your pure, first reaction will drive him away or he will destroy any feelings he has for you.

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