What does it mean when a boy tells you that he is thinking of you? Find out why he told you this

At first, you’re happy when a boy tells you that he’s thinking about you often. However, when he says that, you start to ask yourself what he really meant – thus, confusion. This article will tell you what a man really means when you say he was on his mind.

Step 1: He loves you
If a boy does not love you, why does he think so much of you? He wants you to know that he cares by giving you hints like he was thinking about you. He may be afraid to tell you that he loves you before, it can explain the situation.

Step 2: He really means what he says
If the boy looks very honest and has a good name, he really means what he said. This is a good thing, because confessing to someone that you are often thinking about them is not an easy task. It takes courage.

Step 3: He wants to be with you
If the boy is not your ex-boyfriend, it means he wants to be with you. You are a potential girlfriend to him. Depending on how you respond to his statement, he will want to follow you.

Step 4: He wants to come back with you
The ex-boyfriend who tells you that he was thinking of you may have the intention of coming back with you. He has often thought of things, and he has decided that he really wants to bring you into his life. If he broke it first, it goes without saying that he apologizes for his mistakes.

Step 5: He may also want to have sex with you
Some boys often think about sex. If a boy tells you that he is thinking of you, it means that he wants to have sex with you. Take things in stride, however; Try to set aside your time until you have a better idea of ​​what he wants – and what you want.

Step 6: He is serious about you
If he tells you that a boy always thinks of you, he is really serious. He doesn’t want to play and he believes he wants to be with you.

Step 7: He cares a lot about you
A man who always thinks of you is a man who truly cares about you. He is always thinking about what you are doing and is watching over your well-being. The reason he always thinks of you is because he wants to make sure you do everything right.

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