What does it mean when a boy tells you that he thinks so much of you? Follow this now

You can feel great excitement when your man tells you that he is thinking of you. But if you start to wonder why he said that, here are some of the things he might mean when he says he thinks of you.

He is very attracted to you

When a man tells you that he is thinking about you, he is trying to tell you that he is very attracted to you. Because of this he cannot keep his mind away from you. It is this attraction that allows him to tell you his true thoughts.

He gradually falls for you

When a man begins to fall hard on a woman, he usually begins to think about her all the time. If you keep telling yourself that your man thinks a lot about you, it means that he will gradually love you.

He wants to be serious with you

Another reason men tell women they are thinking about them is when they want the girl to know that they are waiting to get serious about the relationship. But since they do not like to look desperate, they tread very carefully and gradually make it easier for the girl to show how she really feels towards him.

He tries to see how you feel about him

A man can say that he was thinking of you to measure your level of interest in him. He does not want to invest in a place where there is no proper response to his feelings, so he wants to see if you are interested in them or if they are wasting their time.

He wants you to know that you are not going to pass him by

At some level your man may be trying to tell you that you are not in a stage where you will pass him by. If you want to communicate his commitment to the relationship he has with you, he will tell you that he is thinking of you.

He tries to measure your level of interest in taking his next step

When a man wants to see how much you are interested in having a serious love affair with him and getting into a serious relationship with him, he will say that he is thinking about you. It is a non-dedicated gesture but very clearly helps to identify potential interest.

He wants you to see him as a serious follower

If your husband sees that you have several chefs, he will tell you that he is thinking of you to establish his position as a serious follower of yours.

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