What does it mean when a husband says he needs time to think?

I sometimes hear wives who have left their husbands “because he needs some time to think.” That’s the magnitude of what he tells them and rarely does he go a little deeper and offer an explanation of what “thinking” really means. Wives are often dissatisfied with his lack of any logical explanation.

I recently asked a wife: “What should my husband think of this world? He told me last week that he’s leaving for a while because he needs time to think. It’s a joke to me. So I asked him how deep it was that God had to use his brain to think and spend money thinking about the thoughts and questions he had to meditate on, but I said ‘I don’t understand’. Well, he’s right about that, I do not understand, if I had things to solve, I would not leave my partner to do it, I feel like he’s eating a lot of garbage for me, what do men do? Does that mean they ‘need time to think?’ Is this a good way to tell them they want to get divorced? ” I will try to solve these problems in the next article.

When a husband tells you that you need time to think, he is often thinking about what you need to do to move your marriage and his life forward: Often when husbands give you “time to think,” they are struggling with whether they are happy with their life and their marriage. If they want to think about a topic that does not include you or your marriage, they will not want to walk away from you to meditate on it.

Therefore, they often suspect (or hope) that being away from you for a while will give you the literal and emotional distance to come to a conclusion without any impact. I hear a lot of men at this point, and if they are honest, they will most likely tell you that they are on a path in their lives and that they are no longer completely confident. They sometimes wonder how they are happier or more accomplished and they are not sure what they need to do to move forward.

It is not a coincidence that this often happens in the middle of life or when men have a problem or event that makes them wonder if they are reaching their potential for happiness in life. They ask, “Is this all there is?” You will often hear things like. Or “I’m not sure if I’m going to live the life I intended to live.” In fairness, their misfortune or questions about their lives are often not your fault. Sometimes, their problems and struggles have little to do with you. Some men think about their personal accomplishments or career path. Others are struggling with family relationships (or relationships with other people who are very close to them.) Therefore, it is not always correct to assume that a man who needs “time” will file for a sudden divorce or separation when he returns. .

Some men come back ready to improve their lives while others believe that their relationship and their relationship is the problem. How you proceed will most likely depend, at least to some extent, on the conclusions your husband will draw after considering his weight.

How do you respond when your husband asks for “time to think”? How you choose to respond to your husband’s request and how you behave in his absence really depends on what you want the result to be. Once the wife in the above situation calmed down, she realized that she did not want to distance herself from her husband or criticize him too much. He always supported her, so even though the story she was thinking seemed a bit dramatic, she decided that there was no reason why she should not be able to give him the support and time he was asking for.

Because she wanted not only to save her marriage but to strengthen it as much as possible, she decided to seek out and think for her own soul in his absence. I was very happy to hear this. One thing most people don’t realize is that anything you can do to strengthen yourself individually is often going to strengthen and enhance your marriage. You are more likely to succeed if two people who are full and happy than one or two people who deal with their own personal struggles, projections or fears come to the table.

So to answer the questions asked, men often ask for time to think about when they are facing a turning point in their lives and when they are struggling with their personal happiness. They are often looking for answers to what is causing their unhappiness and what they can do to correct it. If you love the man who likes “time” and you want him to be happy, your best bet is to give him both your support and the time he asks for. Because at the end of the day, you want him to understand that you are more part of the solution than the problem.

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