What is Clubwear and who wears it?

Clubwear is a loosely used term in the fashion industry to describe the extreme fashion of club culture. The clothes are sexy and provocative and can range from cheeky mini dresses to metallic bodysuits. As the number of clubs continues to grow, the demand for extreme fashion is hotter than ever. Due to the unique sexual nature of the majority of garments, online retailers are the better choice for most club guests for several seasons.

First, because the fashion style of club clothing is very sexual, provocative, or fetish in nature, most department stores or local stores have very little stock that would satisfy the young club population.

Secondly, club activities are a lifestyle that focuses a lot on seeing and being seen and that requires a wardrobe to impress. Many online retailers that fully specialize in this market make it possible to mix and match garments. This makes it easier for women to explore their own unique fashion style while saving money.

In addition, the inventory and selection of some online retailers is absolutely fantastic and they are adding new items continuously. From cheeky halter dresses and ultra-sexy micro-miniskirts to a skinny catsuit is available if you are willing to log in and spend some money.

Listed in no particular order are several of the largest retailers of extreme clothing on the web. This is just a starting point, search around and find the perfect fit for your club style.

Hollywood Exzotic Wear – They have an extensive collection of club clothes, intimate lingerie, sexy shoes, costumes and matching accessories. They publish hundreds of new products every month from hot pants with matching halter tops to a full body sock. They have everything you need for a night out with clubs.

Evil temptations – Known for its sexy lingerie Wicked Temptations which has expanded into the clubwear market and has some of the sexiest clothing available. Browse their fashion galleries to find the most extreme dress styles with the highest slits and the most unusual fabrics!

Yandy – In addition to growing into one of the leading suppliers of lingerie and costumes on the internet, Yandy now makes an impression as an ultra-sexy clubwear destination. If you need to find an ultra-sexy miniskirt for a night out with clubs, you’ll find it at Yandy’s.

Pierre silver – They have an exciting collection of miniskirts, club clothes and sexy shoes and accessories. If you’re in the mood to meet the clubs, choose from some of the sexiest club clothes on the planet. Also find the perfect miniskirts for all occasions.

NOTE: Buying club clothes for women in large sizes can often be difficult and frustrating. However, this is changing rapidly. Designers now produce club clothes for women in all shapes and sizes. A good place to start searching is:

Torrid – Very sexy and revealing clothes aimed at the younger women in large sizes. They have plus sizes 12 to 26.

Monif C – Limited selection but what they have is very sexy. Be sure to check out the “convertible dress” that offers ten alternative looks. Plus sizes 14 to 24.

Igigi – They offer exotic colors and silhouettes to decorate, enhance the beauty of all figures. Boutique prices and layout. Beautiful full-feathered models. Plus sizes 14 to 32.

Size appeal – Sexy tops, pants, skirts and dresses to meet all your club needs. Clothes are “hip, cool, sexy and reasonably priced”. Their focus is to enhance the plus size. Plus sizes 14 to 26

There are lots of club clothes to choose from out there in many colors and styles. Remember that you want to stand out. You do not want to blend in with the rest of the audience.

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