What is Ericom AccessNow?

2012 will see the development of enterprise and server-based computer use really pick up speed. More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and incorporating web and cloud-based technology into their core business. The reason why this year will see a boom is due to the fact that a top bank and the British government are now embracing the cloud.

Security was one of the main problems that discouraged many companies from joining the cloud. But recently, Spanish banking giant BBVA has rolled out Google Apps for Business to 110,000 users, proving that enterprise and server-based computing like Google Apps may be the right choice for even the largest companies in the most security-oriented and regulated by industries. This year, the UK governments’ transition to cloud-based computing will also reduce security concerns for many companies. So if cloud computing is secure enough for the British government and the Spanish banking giant BBVA, it is certainly secure enough for all companies.

So what is Ericom AccessNow?

Ericom AccessNow is a remote desktop client that allows you to quickly and easily access remote desktops and applications. It runs completely in a browser and requires no plugins or extensions to the browser no matter which browser you prefer to use. However, your browser must be HTML5 enabled. It is good for relieving the IT burden of managing desktop applications and browser plug-ins. It runs and looks like any built-in remote desktop client.

The benefits of using Ericom AccessNow include:

No client software to install or manage
• Your IT costs will be lower
• Empowers users with cloud or browser-based access to resources available on Microsoft RDS / terminal services, VDI and web platforms
• It supports all HTML5 browsers on all platforms, including: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPhone, Android tablets and of course Google Chromebook.
• Offers clientless access – you do not need Java, Flash, Silverlight or any other technology.
• Ericom Secure Gateway which is a free alternative provides a protected environment for the remote computer – no VPN required.

Deployment is easy because Ericom AccessNow Server is installed on RDP values ​​to allow connection from the remote client. To allow access outside your firewall, the Ericon Secure Web Gateway can be installed to handle authentication and routing to control access to the Ericom AccessNow servers to present your applications to remote users. The firewall is configured to forward remote access for AccessNow users to the secure web gateway. Again, no client software is required, just an HTML5 compliant browser.

If you want help with the implementation of Ericom or any other cloud and enterprise security solution, there are plenty of specialized service providers out there. A good tip is to register with the help of a service provider who is also a Google Enterprise Partner. This will give you peace of mind that you are working with an experienced partner.

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