What is Plugmold? An introduction to the installation of several sockets

Those who are not prone to electrical repairs or craftsmanship do not know what plug mold is. Technically, Plugmold is a product line under the Wiremold Company, which manufactures and designs wire and cable management solutions. For handymen or electricians, plug mold is just a strip of socket.

Many people may have seen a plug mold before but they do not know what is plug mold? and just perceived it as a regular outlet. What is plug mold? and the benefits of having one installed in your office or home will be discussed in this article.

What is plug mold? and its uses?

In homes, plug mold is common in the kitchen where it usually replaced conventional outlets that could interfere with backsplash. Plugmolds can be mounted on a backsplash or just under the cabinets where it is hidden or out of sight. Some electricians install plug molds on the bottom where backsplash and counter meet to hide the dangling cords.

Plug shapes are also known as plug lists or referred to in the code, multioutlet devices. In schools, laboratories and similar places, plug shapes are usually installed to ease away from extension cords and to provide practical electrical outlets when needed. The set of sockets can be placed quite close to each other, at regular intervals, and saves time compared to other installation methods. Computer rooms where several computers are to be used at the same time use plug molds as sockets. Plugmolds lets you install 6 to 10 sockets anywhere you need them.

What is plug mold? Commercial and industrial use

Plugmolds can be used in electrical or white goods stores where plenty of outlets are needed. For example, a store has lights that must be turned on and off / off at once to show to customers. Plug molds can also be used in industrial applications. An example is a workshop where several soldering tools are used. Plugmolds allow these tools to be turned on at the same time without the use of extension cables or outages. It saves time and acts as a convenient outlet for employees.

Although you may not need an electrical permit to install plug molds, you must still refer to the National Electrical Code or NEC. There you can research what is plug soil? and what it says about Wiremold and multioutlet devices. While the NEC allows surface metal tracks or multi-socket devices, there are still restrictions on how many devices you can connect to plug molds. The number of devices is affected by the device’s amperes and voltage rating, and the size of the wire you used in your plug molds.

If you plan to install plug molds or multiple outlets in your home, call a local electrician or see the installation guide. Plugmolds can also be purchased in two sets: a freestanding strip that is easy to install, and a hard wire strip that can be fed with a wire-shaped metal surface. The free-standing strip comes with a built-in circuit breaker to avoid overloading the circuit.

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