What is smoking

One of the oldest forms of food preservation, which has emerged after the development of cooking with fire. Heat and smoke give fish, ham, poultry and meat a taste and prevent the growth of microbes. Is an effective way to preserve food but care must be taken to avoid contamination and disease. By providing a consisted temperature around 150 to 275 degrees F, with your wood chips at the heat source and food in the top spot with steam flowing continuously over your food. Will increase their palatability by adding flavor and giving a rich brown color.
In Europe, the wood most commonly used for smoking is eagle, oak and sometimes becch. In North America, alder, oak, hickory, pecan, mesquite, maple and some fruit trees, such as apple, cherry and plum, are used. Alternative materials have been used with the addition of seasoning ingredients.
Some ham and bacon suppliers smoke over burning corn on the cob. Barley malt for spirits is dried and smoked with roasted humate. Hot smoking of fish in New Zealand is done with the wood from the tea tree. And in Iceland, cold-smoked lamb, whale, mutton and fish are made with dried sheep manure.
In the

western farms, a smokehouse was used to preserve meat, this building was at a distance from another building due to the danger of fire, and the smoke that originated from it.
Smoking can be done in four ways: Cold smoking, Hot smoking, Hot smoking and Liquid smoke.
Cold smoking 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, food is usually preserved by fermentation, salting or hardening before smoking and should be prepared before consumption, the food remains raw, takes hours to weeks
Hot smoking 77 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the food remains raw, must be prepared before eating.
Hot smoking 10 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, food is prepared by the heat from the gases and fire gives the taste Hot smoking is a fantastic way to give taste to your food, it goes much faster than cold smoking and creates appetizing results. It is worth remembering that hot smoking is not an effective method of preserving food and that your products will need to be consumed within a few days even if stored in the refrigerator.
Liquid smoke a product derived from smoke compounds in water. A brownish-yellow liquid made by trapping and condensing the vapors from burning wet wood chips (usually hickory). Liquid smoke is used to add a smoky quality to food in an attempt to capture the taste of wood-fired grilling.

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