What should you do when you run into a casual wife or another woman?

I sometimes hear from wives who suspect that they are either going to face the other woman or the casual wife or she is going to face them. Sometimes, the other woman sends calls or emails, and the wife is not sure how she should react if this woman knocks on her front door. As many wives may desire or imagine this encounter, it never happens as you planned and actually looking at her face can sometimes chill you.

“The other day when I saw a woman having an affair with my husband who was playing football at our school, I was buying my daughter a snack. Because our kids know about the same school, I saw her near the relief booth, I had no idea how to respond, I didn’t seem to notice her, but I know. As she looked over my shoulder, I hurriedly sat down with my husband and grabbed his hand, but I did not even tell him that I had seen her. Should I say something or yell at her to stop following me? How do you react when you see the other woman or the mistress? What’s the best way to handle this? “

My opinion on how a wife should behave when she sees a casual wife or another woman: Before I get into this particular situation, it should be made clear that the correspondence I often receive about this can be divided into two categories. Maybe the husband is still cheating and the wife sees the woman while the relationship is going on. Another time the romance ends and the wife tries to save her marriage.

I have to admit that it is much harder to be quiet and passive if the love affair still exists. I know that it is very tempting to tell her, not in kind words, that you know exactly who she is and that your relationship with your husband should end immediately. I fully understand your need to do this. However, I advise you never to put yourself in a situation that could get worse or get out of control. If you have to say something, do it quickly, and then get out of the situation. The last thing you want to do is get any kind of long or emotional exchange, especially when she tells you that she is more determined than ever to hang on to your husband. If you have something to say, make a quick statement that you know who she is and that the relationship should end. Keep walking, do not engage. Be the big guy. And never exchange in front of your children in any way.

Honestly, maybe an ice look with your head held high is more effective than any word you can say, because this will surprise her with what you know she doesn’t know. And if you do not lose control or have a negative impact on her, it drives her crazy. But if you lose control and raise your voice and water your eyes, then she knows that she won or at least caused you to lose your cool.

On the other hand, if the relationship is over, you don’t want her to know that you are still worried about her. Personally, I think the wife in the example above has handled that situation adequately. Leaving, in my opinion, is better than letting her get up from you, making a scene in front of your kids and engaging in an exchange beneath you. The wife wondered what to do when she saw the woman again as it was supposed to happen at various events at the school. Like I said, I think a familiar look or smile after a blank or cold look is very effective. If the wife wants to talk to this woman, it must be a time when she is not in front of the children and other families. And, honestly, the best option (at least in my opinion and experience) is to ignore her rather than a bitter conflict that solves nothing.

So if I have to answer the question, “How do you react when you see your husband’s mistress?” I say it depends on whether the relationship is over or not. Having said that, losing your temptation or letting it go under your skin gives her a high hand. It makes her think that you are upset because she is still a threat, it may actually be that she is probably satisfied, it is the last thing you want.

In fact, if you think about it, the most painful thing you can do is make her feel that she no longer cares about you. You want her to feel like an unimportant and immediate problem that she becomes. But if you are upset, upset, or angry, she will know that this is not the case. Instead, if you can manage it, hold your head up, continue doing whatever you were doing, and give her a powerful look if she wants to know that your interaction is not accidental. But when there is no reason to do so, do not do anything you regret or engage in. Healing after a love affair means moving forward and the more you interact or interact with her, the slower your progress will be.

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