What to do when you get bored with your boyfriend and can’t handle him – do this right away

There are times when you get frustrated about your current relationship. Things seem to not work out with your boyfriend and you get bored because of his behavior and lack of understanding. It’s time to dump her and move on. Here are some tips to help you.

Let him know you are not happy
The best thing you can do is let him know as soon as possible that you are not happy with the way things are going. This puts him in his safety and he will guess that it has something to do with him. Such a sentence not only prompts him to do a reality check, but also confesses that he is a liar and tries to make things better.

Tell me to shape up, or!
If your boyfriend is careless and careless about the whole relationship and you find that he is not doing anything to make things better, it is time to give him a final announcement. Tell him that he is in better shape, or that you will move on! This should shake him up and change him!

Start to cool down by seeing him less
One way to get the message across is to start cooling off and seeing him less. If he really likes you, he will be worried that you might seem to lose interest. Only then will he know that he must change his ways and surprise you again and again or else he will lose you.

Do not deceive or corrupt him
The worst thing you can do is moleculate and spoil him and expect him to be “perfect”! If you do not like his methods and current situation, it is your duty to make it clear to him that you want things to change. By remaining silent and allowing him to intimidate you, you will make him worse and make him more stubborn and selfish.

Do not turn a blind eye to his mistakes
Another thing that does not change the situation is if you close your eyes to his mistakes. Ignoring his weaknesses and disgusting habits does not make him complain about it and feel miserable. If you are diplomatic and gentle, you can change his ways and direct him to make things better.

Start having fun with yourself by going out with others
If you are unhappy about your current relationship, it does not mean that you are quietly suffering. Go out and make new friends then you can start having fun for a change. When he sees that you are happy without him, he has a second thought about being so ruthless and cold with you.

Do not compromise
If you’re really tired and unhappy with your boyfriend, maybe you should go ahead and find someone else. Accepting the situation will cost you less and it will not be fair to you.

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