When everything he wrote was about sex

When a boy sends a text message primarily about sex and other things, it surprises a girl. Is sex behind him? It certainly looks like that. If you’ve linked him to a previous sex conversation or sexting, it’s hard to take it back. Boys don’t like to change the rules between games. If he sends you a text message about sex, I assume you actually attended once. If you did not and he still does, remove him.

First, do not let anyone have sex with you. That’s normal. It’s not normal to text a woman about it all the time. He does it because you allow it. Most boys will at least try to get there. They often do this as a qualifying process. They want to know if the woman they are talking to is a relationship object or a fling object. Women who engage in these sexting and transcend boundaries generally classify them as fling.

If you did it all for fun, but now want to regret it and turn it around, there are several ways to do it. The first way is the most rear door type. You can try this before you actually call it. When he sends you a text message about sex, do not reply to him or when you do, change the subject. No explanation is required. Trust me, he knows what he is doing wrong. He must slow it down after a few attempts that do not reciprocate. He should get the tip.

Ah but most men don’t get a hint and you need to be more direct about this. The first thing you can text back is “Is it normal for you to talk about sex with women all the time?”. This makes him appreciate. It also calls for him not to be blamed. You just ask a question. How does he answer? If he answers yes, he looks like a douche bag. If he answers no, “Then why are you doing that to me?” The door is now open for you to ask. If he answers for a lame reason, say “please” or do not reply.

It’s up to you to break him out of this and get him out of the fling category. If he stops texting you have your answer. All he wanted was sex. If you handle this correctly, I would like to bet that you will apologize to him without mentioning leaving the fling zone.

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