When God is silent

Silence here means keeping quiet in the face of high expectations and urgency to speak or act. It means not saying anything when you need your response. One of the saddest moments in life and faith is not asking God when you need Him the most or when you feel He should act or respond to a problem. Often, it causes you frustration, betrayal, and confusion, and can lead to depression and even depression if the feeling and condition are not managed quickly and properly. But of course, God’s silence does not mean that He has abandoned a matter. This does not mean that he is confused or unmoved. Nor is it a sign of weakness or unwillingness to manage and fully manage all the affairs of the people effectively. He is forever sovereign. But he chooses his own time and method of action and intervention. He knows everything, everything before it even starts. He controls it the way it exists and he knows how it will end in the end. Nothing he carries unknowingly. Nothing bothers him. So he does not need our time, emotions or ideas to make decisions. Yes, we want to talk about those times when you do not have God’s immediate response, guidance, ideas or answers to your prayers and expectations. When you have done everything you need to do and he does not respond, the situation persists and you do not know what to do next. I mean when God is silent and heaven is silent.

You will agree with me that we cannot discuss this subject without considering the indelible, eternal words of King David, the great, the bold, the spiritual, the poetic, the indestructible, and the humble but powerful. If you remain silent, I too may forsake you and die. As I raise my hands toward your holy place and cry out to you for help, hear my prayer for mercy. ” Psalm 28: 1-2. Wow! Did you hear that? This person knows how to put God in a very difficult situation by choosing his words. Not surprisingly, his prayers were always effective. He loves the results. Whether on the battlefield or on his knees, he carefully plans and executes his actions and words. Yes, it is good to hear from a man who has seen it all. He saw miraculous, extraordinary, spectacular, rapid answers and salvation from God. He has also experienced delays, reprimands, fatalities, threats, reprimands and silences from him. And he knew the differences. Here, as if he desperately needed divine intervention to survive, but it seemed that the sky was completely silent. But before we get back to the quiet periods, let’s take a brief look at the moments when he enjoyed a quick response. Do you mind that?
When the Philistines heard that David had been crowned king over Israel, they and all their army came to capture him, and David ran to his stronghold and prayed to the Lord. God answered him and gave him victory over the Philistines. After a while, they returned, and again God gave victory to the Israelites. The enemy will always try to come back, so always be prepared. Later, after the death of Saul and Jonathan, David inquired of the Lord, and the Lord commanded him to return to Judah. But he did not stop there. And he went forward, and called for the settlement of the city, and the LORD said unto him, Hebron! Wow! He always wants to know the exact mind of God, even in small problems. There the men of Judah came to crown him king. You will be crowned when you follow God’s guidance. Real. When the Amalekites attacked the city of Ziklag and set it on fire and took away the children and wives of David and his men, he cried out to God, saying, And he did. He repeatedly pleaded with God to protect him from the perverted King Saul. David always received a quick response from heaven.

But at one point this wonderful relationship was broken. Further, I believe that it was the King who wrote some touching hymns that clearly show the condition of a man who was disconnected and desperately needed the touch of that original sweet relationship with his Creator. God waited in silence; Heaven seemed to seal our beloved David as he went through the most difficult times of his life. He prayed, wept, repented, but refused to break the thread of calamity. His beloved son Amnon raped his half-sister. Another favorite ‘beautiful’ son, Absalom, murdered the rapist and deported her. From then on he began to plan how to overthrow his father. He later succeeded in ousting David from the throne and from Jerusalem, taking his closest advisers and associates and publicly raping even his father’s wives. The prodigal son Absalom did all he could to wipe out his father’s life and heritage. Once upon a time, the great, anointed, glorious David, dressed in sackcloth and weeping, said that he was disappearing into the wilderness. My God! Management Tears. All this happened to man according to the heart of God because heaven has decided to remain silent about his affairs. You still wonder why he shouted, “Please, Lord, save me. Please do not leave me until I die.” And he is right. Yes, if God does not help us on time, we will be in serious trouble. In the process, we may even be tempted to give up or perish. Does God seem to be silent about you and your situation now? It may not be your fault, but you suddenly find that nothing in your life goes on again. We will continue.
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