When he says he’s not happy and needs space – do this now to keep him!

It hurts when you tell your boyfriend that he is not happy because he loves you and that he needs space. You immediately, and understandably, conclude that he wants to break up with you. Although he tells you over and over again that it is not so, your female instinct tells you otherwise. you are right. The moment a man says he wants space, time, distance or a combination of them, he gets out of the relationship. If you do not act quickly and accurately, the relationship will end as you know it and need to.

When he tells you that he is not happy and that he needs space, he is really telling you that he is not happy to be with you and that he needs some distance from you. I feel dizzy when I hear this. In most cases, the woman will not expect to hear anything remotely about this. In her mind, things are going well and she is fully and completely focused on the future. You may feel the same way. It is easy to feel sorry for yourself. You need to push it aside so you can focus on your plan to keep him and rebuild the bad relationship.

When your boyfriend says he’s not happy and needs some time, it’s more reasonable to argue with him. Conflicts can be the root of the problems you both face. If you try to argue with him about his decision to leave you, he will sever the relationship forever and then lose the chance to be with him again. Instead, you must find the inner strength to admit that he is unhappy and at least for a short time or let him go.

By giving him the space he wants, you show him that you are emotionally mature. You guarantee that he will see that his needs come before yours. What most women do not see when they are in a situation like this is believing that their boyfriend knows what his life will be like after the separation. He has a promise of fun evenings and no conflict once he is alone. In fact, its reality is quite different. He will soon realize how much you have missed him. If you can take a step back and give him what he wants, he will soon see that what he really needs is not space or time, that it is you.

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