When is the fur coat weather? Your complete fashion guide to wearing fur at any time

Should there be a complete snowstorm outside to wear your favorite fur? no way! With all this crazy winter weather hitting a good part of the country, now is the perfect time to take off your big and pale coat to keep warm.

But what if you live in the south of a country like Texas or Arizona? Or what if you want to rock your coat in the spring or summer months?

do not be afraid! Many fashion experts agree that luxury fur is not just for those in the cold states. Even in the spring, summer and hot states, we break down when and how to wear fur.

How to wear fur in the spring?

Fur means luxury no matter what the season. A growing trend in high fashion is the inclusion of wool and leather in the new flowering season. Designers like Adrienne Landau like to add fur to the track. Some of her tips include pasting from light to medium colors. Spring is the beginning of warm temperatures, so you fur should reflect this. Professionally store your full length coats and wear light pieces.

What are the lighter pieces? “New” wool comes in all shapes and sizes. Both fur coats and jackets come in different sizes with cut or medium waist lengths. Keep in mind that you can also add fur accessories as you do in the winter, as it can still be cool in the spring. Go with shoulders, stoles or scarves.

If you are going to have a sudden cold with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, don’t be afraid to remove your entire fur. You will be very hot when others are jealous of you.

How to wear fur in summer

Fur and summer look like an oxymoron, but don’t avoid this random combination until you try. You can add fur in the form of fun accessories and add-ons to your summer wardrobe. Think of the luxury of fur combined with the fun of summer. Fur-trimmed sweaters are available in bright, cheerful yellows with fur collars.

Designers add embellishments to other clothing items, such as silk pants or black wool with sheer t-shirts. When blended materials become a staple of fashion, look to combine wool with traditional clothing pieces.

Do you think it is limited to fur coats? Think again. Fur-trimmed shoes are available in a variety of designs, such as pumps or sandals. Instead of being used for warmth, these additions on the shoes are purely for fun, so there are a few nice wild styles out there.

If the summer in your area is not too hot, do not forget about a classic fur coat. The best way to wear a coat is to wear it with a more rational outfit like a t-shirt and jeans. You can buy a casual leather jacket with fur trim around the neck or a light cardigan with fur pockets.

Now if you live in a hot summer area and you prefer wool, purses are perfect for you. Bergdorf Goodman’s Mini Leather and Wool Shoulder Bag is a stylish, yet practical choice to show off your style. There are also other accessories such as pom poms and key chains.

How to wear fur at any time

No matter where you wear fur, don’t be afraid to add new fur colors to your wardrobe. Instead of wearing black or brown wool, try pastel or deep, vibrant colors. Patterns are also an option, especially if you are bold.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Pull your fur the way and where you want it. Confidence is the best accessory when wearing your fur at any time of the year.

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