When love is sour

I have heard that most waters cannot extinguish the fire of love. But every day we hear of love getting worse between the unmarried as well as the married. It also confuses us with how true that statement is. If you are one of those people who enjoys the bitter pill of heartbreak, I have news for you.

Breaking up in any relationship is usually not easy to bear. It’s something that can tear your world to pieces. But if you want your life to be ruined, it is subject to you. If you do not need it, you can quickly find a way to get rid of the pain that comes after a broken relationship. Every time love is sour it leaves some kind of bitterness in your heart. It’s like your world is over and life seems to have no more meaning to you. As a result, you fall back on your grief, mourning your lost love. And sometimes trying to do that can make you lose your mind.

Friend, I have something to say to you: Your life is too precious to be sacrificed on the altar of love that failed to function yesterday. It’s gone! Face the harsh reality. There is nothing you can do about your past but there is something you can do today to ensure that your future is still secure. Don’t let yesterday’s abortive relationship hold you hostage tomorrow.

Look at things this way; If your ex-boyfriend had some important part to play in your future, he could have stayed there. God may save you from the danger of a future relationship. It is better that you face the trauma now and overcome it.

That’s not the end of your life. Do not build a defensive wall around yourself because of your past experience. Not worth it. Some were jilted and shut down. That is not the best thing to do. It will prevent you from becoming prosperous in the future.

Do not change your view to allow for your tragedy, all men are wicked or all women are daughters of evil. You were just unfortunate to meet the wrong person who would break your heart. There are many great men and women you have not yet met. So why close your life to them because of one wrong relationship. One bad egg should not be used as a judgment against others.

You still have a good life ahead of you because what lies ahead is greater than what lies behind. There is more glory you never knew than the story behind you. The world is full of wonderful people, so get rid of your bitterness and give life another chance. Who knows if you will thank God that things happened the way they did. There is still hope.

Fred, of course

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