When there is miscommunication in marriage

Wrong communication methods are essential in a good marriage, friendship: Before the red light danger zone is activated.

Wearing glasses can contribute to focusing on a clear vision in a situation. Marital misunderstandings, misunderstandings of complications or situation, and misinterpretation of one or both partners or lack of listening skills lead to a clear vision.

Broken eyeglasses indicate that one or both partners are unaware of the significance of the relationship, indicating that one’s vision and perception are impaired. One or both partners may not see the facts accurately or creatively.

Reading body and face postures represents any contradiction, dishonesty, distrust, behavior, behavior or suspicion. It can also indicate concern, uneasiness, or reluctance.

In miscommunication the eye contact can always withstand intimacy, knowledge, insight, understanding, understanding and intellectual consciousness. Unconscious thoughts, patterns, habits and attitudes rise to the surface and symbolize the insight into something you need to be aware of in order to understand each other. When one partner avoids looking into the other’s eyes, it is clear that he / she is not ready to talk intellectually.

Literally expressing represents to stop and look inside words or verbs. Before you focus on your partner. Trust your intellect and instinct. If one partner is extremely negative towards you in a hot situation, learn to walk away from the suggestion of taking five, cool down for five to five minutes and then reunite to settle. Bringing five minutes to your awareness by analyzing the complication is amazing. It is more important when making a decision to follow the rules of communication – such as taking a few minutes, both partners must agree, otherwise one partner may feel neglected, and as a result become angry to increase the red light. Avoid this situation for the strength and growth of your marriage and friendship.
Otherwise, this situation would represent a barrier coexistence path. Critical Vision and Avoid the Mistakes of Others: Alternatively, focus on asking for self-awareness of the situation and importance.

Ignorance of eye contact indicates that you refuse to accept your partner’s point of view. This attitude or attitude shows that you are biased in the way you think. If someone is upset with a partner it is safe to say that it is time to calm down, this time can be given time to understand and reconnect, as in my personal experience blaming others is not the right answer, we should. Work within ourselves first to understand the mistakes or pain of others. When we allow ourselves to blame or blame others, we simply close our own agenda of our own fear to acknowledge our past painful experiences. Once you’ve given yourself a path to self-awareness and awareness of your own inner-child experience of pain, you begin to decide, sink, and coexist with your partner to understand each other.

Verbal fights are just as harmful as physical fights – if not worse, because emotional abuse is happening, it becomes psychological abuse. Physical abuse is an unbearable period of time, and if one partner wants to take blood, it is fair to say that you are not in a safe and comfortable place. Love requires no patience for violence, is simply unacceptable.
Selfishness is selfishness, perhaps without realizing that one partner is sending painful messages to the other to alleviate the pain within himself, causing the other partner more distress, and unknowingly saying things that hurt unnecessarily to protect their own ego. The majority of complications are, from the beginning, if someone has relevant information to prove who is right or wrong, but one partner can continue the relationship by controlling by hanging things over your head. At one point in the friendship, you shared that the partner took your strength to share such information as a weakness. When the friendship begins to deteriorate, everything else follows, such as sexual complications. One partner begins to feel dissatisfied. Then things get worse, screaming starts and both partners get frustrated, looking outside the relationship for friendship and much more.

Because now the dignity is gone, you must first stop at the red light and proceed cautiously to reactivate the green light.

However, both partners should stop and think before going into a dangerous zone. To get communication, the first step is to stop and listen to each other. No matter how painful. No one can say it’s easy. However, it does provide an opportunity to challenge and reconnect.

If you find it difficult to speak without shouting, I suggest you start writing back and forth without speaking, sitting next to each other. In the palace of your love, (bedroom) the place where you share the closest love is never the sacred place It is important to have only positive energy.

It teaches patients, connection, reassurance, understanding, friendship and much more communication. With regard to the inner child, do not be afraid of what may arise, and begin to share things that have arisen from the past that have contributed or motivated you to show your feelings in that moment. Subconsciously we tend to carry old habits that are deeply wounded. Furthermore, we tend to sabotage our new treasure to compensate for old injuries.

The three main complications of marriage are communication, finances and sex. Communication, which symbolizes insight and insight from the inside, brings light to the relationship. You need to start looking within yourself to understand your partner, often things happen when one partner is not paying 110% attention and / or is committed to sharing their full romantic energy with their partner, when the partner is having an affair. The partner must understand. Accepting and acknowledging full responsibility for their own lack of communication and dissatisfaction. By communicating you can save your marriage from any danger. That is where friendship is valued and respected.

If you close your eyes to the truth or denial: Avoid something or an intimate relationship. You may be expressing feelings of pain, anguish, or sympathy. You may want to leave negative businesses to trigger things in favor of your partner commitment. Love prevails when everything else sails smoothly.

If your partner is not interested in the wealth of the relationship, it means that you are not directly involved in a situation. You may be confusing your points, your partner has lost interest a long time ago, and in order to have a romantic relationship again, there must be a commitment to pure love and passion.

Conflict is a part of life, it provides a stepping stone to growth and when both partners are aware they are aware of each other’s reaction and reaction, and on the other hand this provides growth in the relationship. However, it is important to have a structure for long-term growth in the same direction.

Communication and friendship are the key to a happy long-term marriage.

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